Fried Soft Shell Sandwich slaw, tartar sauce, fries
My husband’s choice. It was a pretty good light soft shell crab sandwich. Slaw lightened the sandwich a bit. Fries was good also.

Jambon Parisien fine herb buttermilk, aged gruyere, cherry tomatoes, grilled bread
I love my French ham and as soon as I saw this dish on the menu, I knew I had to go there and try it. The ham’s quality was very good but the aged gruyere was even better. Grilled bread had a nice smoky taste and was very crusty. On the bottom of the bowl was the herb buttermilk that provided creaminess.

Poca Madre



Acapulco Trading Co. Mezcal, Mango, Thai Basil, Yuzu, Creme de Banana, Poleo Tea Sea Salt
My husband’s choice. It was fruity and delicious.

Ziggy Stardust margarita Mezcal, Lime, Agave, LN2 Bath, Berries, Frozen to Order
I don’t usually drink for health reasons but I could not resist this creative frozen drink. It was very potent but as the time went by, it became easier to drink or should I say “eat”.

Very tasty and crunchy blue corn tortillas with spicy salsa.

Shrimp and Cuttlefish Ceviche coconut citrus, chorizo
It was very spicy but tasty noodles made off shrimp and cuttlefish. When you are done with the noodles they add a little mezcal for you to finish up the broth. They forgot to provide spoons though!

Pulpo Laminado crispy octopus, mole blanco, ink pepper jam, artichoke
It was a good dish but some parts were a little more chewy than others. Mole was pretty good.

Burrito “The King” wagyu, lobster, caviar, robiola, black truffle-black beans
This must be the most ordered item on the menu from the reviews I had read. It was  an interesting surf and turf concept. I enjoyed the lobster more than the wagyu. I couldn’t taste much black truffle beans though. It was worth a try but not a repeat order. The Elvis plate added to the experience.

Strawberry Raspado coconut panna cotta
We finished our dinner with a bang. At $9 a very good value and it was so delicious. Flavorful strawberries and coconut panna cotta was a marriage made in heaven. The crunchy coconuts added some texture.

We ended our experience with flavorful Pâte de fruits in strawberry and passion fruits I think!


2 cups Bob’s Red Mill Red Bulgur
2 cups of boiling water
1 English cucumber chopped
Golden cherry tomatoes halved
As much parsley as you like chopped
1 small fennel chopped
2 lemon juiced
olive oil

combine bulger and boiling water and soak for 1 hour. In a large bowl mix the rest. Chill for a couple of hours and enjoy.

The Cup We All Race 4


After our brunch at A Rake’s Progress, we had to stop at the lobby cafe inside the line hotel to pick up some pastries. The quality is always high and it never disappoints when it comes to Viennese.

Blackberry Pastry
A great texture with plenty of blackberries.

Pain au Chocolat
Not only it was buttery but the chocolate was dark and delicious. I think this pain au chocolat, must be the best one I have found in D.C.

A Rake’s Progress


Pulled Bird pozole, hand-pressed corn tortillas, radish, chiles, soured cream
My husband’s choice. He seemed to like it. I took a tiny bite of the dish minus the chicken. It was spicy. That is all I have to say!

Hangtown Fry grilled pork belly, fried oysters, crab gravy, rye toast, soft scrambled eggs
I am not usually a big pork belly fan because it is usually fatty, but this must have been one of the best pork bellies I have had. Not only it was lean but very smoky too. Plenty of egg to fill you up but the oysters were too small. The crab gravy was pretty good.

Mount Desert Island Ice Cream


Coriander Streusel & Berry Ripple, Blueberry Basil Sorbet, Bay of Figs, Khulfi
Coriander berry was pretty good. It had little pieces of streusel. The blueberry basil was refreshing. The bay of figs was very fig-y. Our favorite was the khulfi. It reminded me of baklava. It was a combination of condensed milk, pistachios, cardamom, saffron and almond. Amazing flavor and texture.

Orange Tarragon, Khulfi, Chocolate and Maine Sea Salt Caramel
Orange tarragon was a little weak on the tarragon. Of course we had to get our favorite khulfi again and enjoyed it as much as the first time. Chocolate was pretty good. The Maine sea salt had a subtle caramel flavor and a good amount salt to balance the sweetness.

Unconventional Diner



This was our second brunch at the Unconventional Diner. The noise was deafening. They should really add some sound proofing to make it a more tolerable experience. Service was fine.

Double cheeseburger Tomato Chutney | Dijonnaise | Pickles | French Fries
My husband kept saying how great the burger was. The beef patty was flavorful but beyond salty. With the cheese and sauce already being salty, you should not add salt to the beef. You don’t want to measure your blood pressure after this burger!

“Dirty Caesar Soft Egg | Smoked Tomato | Aged Gouda
It was spicy but very tasty. To tame the spiciness, we ate it with fries. The soft egg could have been a little softer. We enjoyed the smoked tomatoes even though it was spicy. The crumbs added a nice crunch.