After a long day of standing in long lines at the EU Open House, we stopped here for a light bite before going home.
Mikko is chef Mikko Kosonen’s Nordic cafe. Their menu was very short and it was a combination of baked goods and cold items at the time of our visit. Service was friendly.

Gravlax, Rye, Mustard, Egg, and Dill
It was a good open sandwich, but we have had better gravlax before.

Ham and Cheese
It was a good ham and cheese pastry. The cheese was specially flavorful and when I asked them what kind it was, they could not tell me!

Karelian pasty
This was our favorite. Rye crust with rice pudding and butter egg. Very good and comforting.

Brenner Pass



I have had Brenner Pass on a list of places to try ever since I read about it online. After having BBQ at ZZQ and several hours at the Virginia Fine Art Museum, we stopped here for a light dinner before driving back home. The food that we tried was fresh and tasty. Service was fine.

Diots Pork Sausages, Caramelized Apple and Onion Jus
A very hearty dish. Savory sausage and sweet apples were great partners.

Antipasti Roasted Vegetables, Marinated Mushrooms, Hard Egg, Favas & Pecorino, Cippolini, Roasted Sweet Peppers
We really enjoyed this refreshing dish.

Escarole Roasted Strawberry, Vin Cotto, Abondance, Pistachio
A great ending to a light dinner. The balsamic strawberries were very sweet. Pistachio added the crunch.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts


Chloe, Jaume Plensa, 2016

Aristide Maillol, La Riviere, 1938-43

Farhad Moshiri, S4M53, 2004

Garden Pavilion

Ad Reinhardt, Red Painting, 1952

Franz Kline, Untitled, 1955

Norman Lewis, Post Mortem, 1964

Jim Dine, Red Robe with Hatchet (Self Portrait), 1964

James Rosenquist, Early in the Morning, 1963

Richard Roth, Untitled (Yellow Corner), 1971

Sam Gilliam, Chasers: Purpled, 1980

Gregory Gillespie, Self- Portrait (Torso), 1975

Robert Arneson, A Likeness of Francis B, 1981

Roy De Forest, Out West, 1977

Beauford Delaney, Marian Anderson, 1965

De Scott Evans, Free Sample, 1890

Julius Leblanc Stewart, Yachting the Mediterranean, 1896

William Merritt Chase, Friendly Advice, 1913

Titus Kaphar, Voiceless, 2010

Wosene Worke Kosrof, My Liberty, 2016

Sanford Biggers, khemestry, 2017



Ever since I read about ZZQ in one of the magazines, I knew I wanted to check it out. After I read some positive reviews, We drove to Richmond for a day of eating and art. I was very glad that it did not disappoint.

Brisket, Buttermilk Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Cowboy Beans, Roasted zucchini and Tomatoes
Brisket was so smoky and luscious. I ate 99% of the fat and it was damn good. The sides were OK, as it is the case in most BBQ places. My favorite was the roasted veggies. I thought the beans had too much cumin. The cole slaw was on the sweet side. The potato salad was fine but nothing to get excited about.

Mem Tea Imports


I first had Mem tea at the Arcade bakery in Manhattan. As I took my first sip of an Earl Grey tea, I was blown away by how aromatic it was. It is not like I drink Lipton; I have been getting my tea from Mariage Frères for years now. So, that should say something.
While we were in the Cambridge area for the day, I encouraged my lazy husband to go for a half an hour walk to the Mem shop so we can buy some of their tea. They had a great assortment and so far what we tried has been pretty good.




Our last meal in Boston before driving back home. We had a very good brunch experience.

Croque Madame French battered brioche · VT cheddar · poached eggs
My husband picked this dish and enjoyed it. A hearty portion and very flavorful.

Ducktrap Smoked Salmon Benedict dill cured salmon · dutch baby · poached eggs · hollandaise
A very good brunch dish. Light dutch baby with plenty of smoked salmon and rich hollandaise sauce covering the poached eggs. I was set until late in the afternoon.

Short Stack Hash Browns apple butter · kennebec potato · vt cheddar · horseradish
Very rich potato pancakes. I think a little more apple butter would have been a good idea, considering the size of the pancakes.




By chance, most of the restaurants I picked for our short visit to Boston, happened to be located in the Cambridge area. We had no Idea that “Arts First” was going on during the same time we were there. We even saw actor, John Lithgow speaking at the event. So, when we saw him at the lobby of the Benedetto restaurant, we were surprised. Not only that, he sat a couple of tables away from us! He must have a good taste!!
The food that we had was pretty good. Service was friendly and helpful.

Spicy grilled octopus with early spring vegetables, charred sweet onions, and ‘sapori di mare’ maionese
Very good octopus dish. It was cooked perfectly and was very flavorful.

Tagliatelle alla Bolognese (traditional ragù with beef short rib, pancetta and chicken livers
A very rich Bolognese sauce probably because of the addition of the chicken liver. It was a good portion also.

Spelt Flour Cavatelli with house cured Berkshire ham, snap peas, mint, Marsala and cream
Spelt and Berkshire? Sign me up. Very good dish with plenty of pork and a little crunch from the snap peas.

Strawberries & cream with mascarpone sabayon, rosemary oat streusel, aged balsamic and strawberry gelato
A very refreshing dessert and a great end to a very nice dinner.

Harvard Art Museums


Jackson Pollock, No. 2, 1950

Joan Snyder, Summer Orange, 1970

Frank Stella, Red River Valley, 1958

Franz Kline, High Street, 1950

Morris Louise, Blue veil, 1958

Gunther Uecker, Spiral White, 1963

Jasper Johns, The Dutch Wives, 1975

Arnulf Rainer, Wings or String, 1970

George Baselitz, Saxon Motif, 1964

Corinne Wasmuht, 50 U Heinrich-Heine-Str., 2009

Lovis Corinth, Portrait of the Sculptor Friedrich, 1904

Karl Zerbe, Melancholia, 1946

Willem de Kooning, Untitled (The Cow Jumps over the Moon), 1937-38

Vincent van Gogh, Three Pairs of Shoes, 1886-87

James Abbott McNeill Whistler, Nocturne in Blue and Silver, 1871-72

Claude Monet, Charing cross Bridge: Fog on the Thames, 1903

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Victor Chocquet, 1875

Vincent van Gogh, Snow-Covered Field with a Harrow, 1890

Paul Cezanne, Small Houses in Pontoise, 1873-74

William Holman Hunt, The Miracle of the Sacred Fire, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, 1892-99

Charles Hossein Zenderoudi, Ezterab, 1966

Ernest Wilhelm Nay, Embers, Gult, 1951

Brigitte Matschinsky- Denninghoff, Ceilling Lamp, 1954

Fritz Winter, Figuration in Front of Blue, 1953

Erich Heckel, Landscape with Bathing Women, 1910

Kerry James Marshall, Untitled, 2008

Alden & Harlow



Hickory Smoked Pig’s Tail Maple Glazed, Soft Poached Egg, Cheese Crisps, Grits
My husband became adventurous and got this dish. I tried the cheese crisp and the grits and they were pretty good.

Torched Avocado Toast Peekytoe Crab, Poached Egg, Kalette Kimchee
It was a nice updated version of your typical avocado toast. The crab was fresh and the egg was the trendy 63 degree egg.