Taco Bamba



We have been to Taco Bamba’s Vienna location a few times but this was our first stop at the Chinatown location. Everything was tasty but salty. I wish they had a few low carb options like salads or lettuce wrap instead of corn or flour tortillas.

Maradona smoked brisket, grilled sweetbreads, habanero ash chimichurri
This must have been my favorite taco of all time. Smoky brisket and delicious perfectly cooked sweetbread. What’s not to like. I hope they keep this taco.

Arabe Flour Pita, Grilled Chicken, Ancho Mayo, Cucumber Pico de Gallo, Spicy Yogurt, Mint
My husband’s pick. He enjoyed it. It looked like it was a good portion.

Chivito Torta steak, ham, mortadella, Chihuahua cheese, hearts of palm, olive tapenade, fried egg
This huge Sandwich was a mix. The steak was too chewy and should have been cooked more medium. The rest was too salty but tasty. My husband had a hard time chewing the steak and skipped some of it.

Rose Latte

2 servings
2 cups cashew milk or other milk
Seeds from 5 cardamom pods
1 tsp cinnamon
1 clove
Splash of rose-water
Dried rose petals and pistachios for garnish

Process all the ingredients except for garnish in a Vitamix for 4-5 minutes. Divided the latte and garnish with rose petals and pistachios.




French Onion Soup Mushroom and Kombu broth, Gruyere
Ever since Tom Sietsema, Washington Post food critic, wrote about Primrose’s French onion soup, I knew we had to try it. Thankfully it was what the doctor ordered on a cold March day in D.C.
The broth is not your usual. It was a very tasty mushroom kombu broth. It had plenty of gruyere but unfortunately a little too many pieces of French bread in the broth.

Croque Monsieur Black Forest ham, béchamel, Swiss cheese
It was very good but I felt the portion was a bit smaller than the last time we had it. The ham was of a very high quality and the Swiss impressed.

Federalist Pig


We have been to Federalist Pig a few times. I recently discovered that rather than getting the BBQ, we should get their really delicious sandwiches. I remember my brother while visiting us last year, raved about the pulled pork sandwich he had. After a few sandwiches, I can honestly say that you get the best bang for your buck.

Music City Spicy fried chicken breast, greens, pickles, ranch
My husband had a nerve to come to a BBQ place and get a fried chicken sandwich.😜
I was not happy about that since I don’t eat poultry and I wanted another delicious looking sandwich that I had my eyes on and wanted to share! He liked the spicy sandwich but after trying a piece of my pastrami, he regretted his decision.

Larry David pastrami, coleslaw, Swiss cheese
Great smoked pastrami sandwich. It had a spice kick probably from the coleslaw. Big enough that I took some of it home. Bread could have been a little more crusty though.

Little Sesame



I have been wanting to try Little Sesame for a long time. Unfortunately their hours are Monday through Friday. So, Presidents day was a day to try this place. Finding a parking was a nightmare. It took forever to find a spot. It was a cold windy day and the place was packed. At first, I sat outside praying a spot would open up so we could enjoy our lunch inside. Lucky for us a couple left and we took their spot. By the time we were done eating more spots opened up. So it is all a matter of timing. Food we tried were pretty good and prices were the same as other similar places.

Roasted Squash Pomegranate Molasses, Crispy Chickpeas & Cilantro
The star was the delicious squashes. Very tender and flavorful. The hummus was creamy.

Grass Fed Beef kebab Shakshouka Sauce, Cabbage Salatim & Tahini
I cut this in half to share with my husband and it was really messy to eat. I think it had three round beef patties. The shakshouka sauce was a delicious tomato sauce. Cabbage added textural contrast.

Dark Chocolate Turkish Coffee Soft Serve with Halva Dust
It was a good ending to a nice lunch. I could definitely taste the coffee. Halva was not as nutty as I like.

A Rake’s Progress



This mocha was not listed on their beverage menu, but when I asked, I was told they would make me one. The first one I received was lukewarm. I figured if they charge $6 for one, I should get a temperature appropriate one. The second one was much better. One of my favorite mochas and not sweet at all.

Cheddar Bacon Burger
Last time I dined here was with my family and I shared my mom’s burger. That left such an impression on me that even though I took a long time to decide what to get, I had to order it. Was it as good as the first time? Yes it was. Very juicy high quality beef with a delicious bacon. I shared it with my husband. The side potato was undercooked though.

Flat Iron Steak and Eggs
Even though my husband was going to order a different dish, he listened to our waitress and ordered this. He enjoyed it but I found the steak on the chewy side and preferred my juicy burger.

Donout Holes
Since my side potato was a little undercooked and I mentioned it to a manager, this plate of donouts was delivered to make up for it. It was a nice gesture.

The Restaurant at Patowmack Farm



Getting to the restaurant at the Patowmack Farm could be tricky if you use your GPS. We were driving on Lovettsville Road and the GPS told us, you have arrived. We looked around, wondering where the restaurant was? We passed by the sign on Lovettsville Road pointing to the left. But Google map had other plans for us! Took us on a loop of a rocky dirt road. Google map should get its act together. Once we arrived, we were one of the two tables occupied. The chairs looked worn out and that surprised me considering the premium prices they charged. It was uncomfortable too. Service was informative and formal. It was worth checking it out but considering the prices, the chairs and the long distance, we will not come back.

Dry Aged Tuna open omelet, potato, black vinegar, mache, tuna foyot
I had my heart set on a scallop dish but once we  sat down and checked the menu, it was not listed. That has happened to me a few times before. I even called them the day before and asked when they would update the weekend menu. So, I settled on the tuna dish. The open egg omelet was interesting and tuna pieces were cooked to medium rare but the dish was not that exciting.

Beef Short Rib beet pancakes, walnuts, feta, pickled cherries
My husband’s dish was more exciting. The highlight were the sweet/sour beets. They tasted fresh from the garden. The beet pancakes were interesting also. The short ribs were a mix of tender and chewy pieces. Pickled cherries added a little acid.

Dark Chocolate Cake ginger ice cream, fudge sauce, walnut
We ended our lunch with a not so exciting chocolate cake. The ginger ice cream impressed more.

Thip Khao


Our third time at Thip Khao. Every thing was very good but too salty. I asked the waiter to pack the sticky rice that we did not eat, but once we got to the car, I realized he had forgotten it. I was not happy.

KHAONOM MUN FALANG yellow curry potato puffs, sweet and sour sauce
Very close to an Indian samosa but much tastier. The crispy dough and the spiced potatoes were pretty good and comforting. You did not even need the dipping sauce.

NAEM KHAO THADEAU crispy coconut rice, sour pork, peanut, banana blossom, lime, scallion, cilantro
My favorite dish. Thank God it came with lettuce leaves, because even though it was a delicious combination of crispy rice, Asian sausage, crunchy peanuts, it was too salty.

PIING grilled skewers with lemongrass, ginger, padaek, spicy toasted rice sauce, pork neck
It was very smoky and on the sweet side. Very addicting.

AWK herbal stew, lemongrass, dill, eggplant wood era, green bean, braised beef
It was very herby with plenty of mushrooms, a few green eggplants and a little bit of beef.