Sally’s Middle Name



Thai Rice Porridge, beef, poached egg, herbs, chilis
My husband picked this dish. He seemed to enjoy it but it was a very small dish.

Smoked Halibut Toast
It was a flavorful dish. The smoked halibut was pretty good but not enough of it to feel satisfied for the $15 price. Labneh added tanginess to the toast but I had a hard time cutting the very crusty toast.

The Love



We had our last lunch at The Love on a cold and windy day. Finding a parking was a big challenge as the restaurant is located in the Rittenhouse Square area. The restaurant is a partnership between Stephen Starr and Aimee Olexy.
Service was professional and very friendly.

Greek Shrimp And Escarole Salad orzo, feta, olives
It was a good size salad for $19. There were plenty of very fresh escarole with a little orzo, plenty of green olives, feta and very flavorful oregano. We even had some leftover. maybe it had something to do with our breakfast sandwich!

“Burnt End” short rib chili, buttermilk biscuit and jalapeno
The chili was pretty good with some chewy but flavorful short ribs. It was a little spicy for us though. The biscuit helped a little bit.

Res Ipsa Cafe



I had read that Res Ipsa Cafe was famous for their breakfast sandwiches using house made English Muffin. On our last morning in Philadelphia, we stopped by to give it a try. Even though the cafe was less than two miles away, thanks to the congestion on Walnut Street, it took a while to get there. Thankfully, we found a parking spot right in front of the restaurant. Service was helpful.

Egg & Cheese Sandwich on House Made English Muffin frittata, asiago fresco, herb long hot spread
My husband went for the plain sandwich.

Egg & Cheese Sandwich on House Made English Muffin frittata, asiago fresco, herb long hot spread with Fennel cardamom Sausage
The English muffin was pretty good. I added the flavorful sausage to the incredibly light and fluffy frittata. There was plenty of gooey cheese to make you happy.

Wm. Mulherin’s Sons



I don’t know why it has been a trend for the wait staff to tell the diners how small the dishes are and how they should order X number of dishes. Our waiter kept telling every table how small every dish was which was not really true. The pork ribs for example were a good portion for $16.

Pretty good crusty bread.

Octopus pistachio, cannellini beans, smoked sweet paprika
The octopus was tender and went well with the earthy beans and pistachio sauce.

Pork Ribs colatura, lime, chili
The pork ribs were delicious and meaty but the broth/sauce was really spicy.

Agnolotti del Plin suckling pig, cabbage, apple, gruner veltliner
It was a tasty and interesting pasta dish.

Hanger Steak shishito, black olive, potato
Since we were sitting in the room facing the wood burning oven, we had to order something from the grill section. We were debating between the lamb and the steak. Steak won. It was a good portion for $29. We took half home. The steak was perfectly cooked and the potatoes were nice and crisp. The black olive tapenade was a nice touch.

Walnut Street Cafe


Walnut Street Cafe is always a must stop for their delicious kouign amann while visiting Philadelphia.

Kouign Amann
Very buttery but it had a little more sugar on the bottom than last time.

Pistachio Cherry Croissant
It was very rich and little sugary probably because of the powder sugar. Very good though.

Choc. Hazelnut Kouign Amann
Even though we ate this kouign amann the day after we purchased it and it was exposed to humidity, it was still very good. I just warmed it up in the oven briefly.

Philadelphia Museum of Art


Peter Severin Kroyer, Interior of a Tavern, 1886

Titian, Archbishop Filippo Archinto, 1558

Varujan Boghosian, Orpheus Bound, 1981

Varujan Boghosian, Mask, 2016

Varujan Boghosian, Dreams, 1984

Varujan Boghosian, Caps and Bells, 1977

Varujan Boghosian, Chariot, 1979

 Patricia Urquiola, “Antibodi” Chaise, 2006 

Auguste Rodin, Napoleon Wrapped in His Dream, 1904-9

Rufino Tamayo, Man and Woman, 1926

Juan Gris, Still Life before an Open Window, Place Ravignan, 1915

Maison 208



I picked Maison 208 for brunch simply because it was supposed to be one of the most anticipated restaurant openings of the year from the Top chef contestant, Sylva Senat. The food we tried was not cooked the way it should have. One was under cooked and  the other was overcooked. Service was fine.

Top Chef Season 14, episode 10 skuna bay salmon frittata, beet sabayon
It tasted good but it would have been much better had they baked it a minute or two less.

Dock Egg Benedict prosciutto, duck fat béarnaise, house baked rosemary biscuit
The highlight was the fragrant rosemary biscuit. The duck egg needed a minute more so the white would have been more opaque. We told our waitress about the problem and she asked us if we wanted new eggs. We replied, yes. After a while, she showed up and told us something about the eggs were cooked sous vide at 65 degree. I replied that we have had 65 degree eggs before and they were cooked more. Perhaps because it was a duck egg it needed more cooking. To their credit, they removed the charge from our bill.

J’aime French Bakery



It tasted good but its shape could have been better.

Raisin Roll
It was a good version but we have been spoiled by the one from the Seylou bakery in D.C.

I am so glad this pastry did not disappoint. Even though it was not made to order, like the one from Jacques Genin in Paris, it still tasted pretty good. The puff pastry was nice and crisp.