Restaurant ERH



Restaurant ERH was the first reservation I made. I initially made it for our arrival day, but I moved it to a later date, so we can enjoy it more. When I made the reservation, I mentioned no poultry and as we were seated a staff member asked if we had any allergies or restrictions. I said poultry and he acknowledged that he was aware of that. Read on and see what happens next!

Watermelon, Ricotta, Onion
Great start with a sweet creamy amuse.

Trout Tartare with Potato Chips
Fresh trout and crunchy potato chips, a nice little snack.

I am not a fan of soft bread, so I just took a small bite. It was OK.

Bonito, Tomato, Tempura
It was crisped bonito, crunchy asparagus and tomatoes.

Corn, Zucchini, Mushroom, Foie Gras
Very good dish. Foie Gras is the only poultry I eat and I was like, strange that they serve me this considering I told them no poultry!

Wild Duck, Turnip, Carrot
Now to the main dish. As the server put the plate in front of us, I was wondering what kind of meat it was? He said it was canard or something similar. I was like, that sounds like duck. I took a bite and tried to convince myself that it was steak but the crisped skin and the fat under the skin was telling a different story. It tasted good but I had to finally ask when a lady came to clear our plates. I said, what kind of meat was this? She said, duck. She went on and talked to the other staff and they all looked at us. Then another guy came by and I told him, was that duck that we had? He said, it was a wild female duck that is more elegant than duck! Well, it tasted fine but a restaurant of this caliber should be more careful!

Final goodies. They all tasted amazing, especially the parsley espuma. Best part of the meal!

Maison Aleph



Great place using high quality ingredients. I wish we had a place like that in the D.C. area.

Sesame, Halva and Abricots Very good and enjoyable.
Fleur de Lait Fleur D’Oranger was aromatic.

Lemon and cardamom, Chocolate Sumac, Dark chocolate from Peru, Pistachio Iran
Angel hair and butter base and not too sweet. Crispy delights to eat. I liked the cream ones better. So delicious.

Restaurant Substance



Smoked Potatoes with Fish Roe
It was a nice start.

Seared foie gras, chickpea, confit peach and melisse juice
One of the best foie gras dishes I have ever had. Seared perfectly and went well with the peach confit.

Gazpacho of green zebra, feta, cucumber sorbet and mint oil
My husband’s gazpacho was the best gazpacho we ever had specially after the over priced tiny one we recently had at Del Mar in DC. So much flavor and a joy to eat.

Ras-el-hanout lobster, herbs and artichoke
This was the only place we dined that lobster was on the menu and I had to order it. It was cooked right and I enjoyed the crispy artichokes.

Chicken of Culoisel, smoked potatoes, girolle mushroom, garlic and Naturlium condiment
My husband was debating between chicken and salmon. At 39€, a bit pricy and hopefully the chicken was treated right! He enjoyed it.

Glace Bachir



Glace Bachir is a Lebanese ice cream place not far from Center Pompidou. We had to stand in a long line. My husband got the two better flavors.

la mûre and Chocolat Noir, Petals de Rose and Pistache
Blackberry had a good flavor. Dark chocolate was intense in a good way. My pistachio was weak on the flavor and rose was not as aromatic as it should have been.

Pierre Herme


Pierre Herme has always been our favorite. I even picked my hotel with the original location in mind. What amazes me is the fact that you get high quality baked goods at such a reasonable prices. In US, you pay double the price for mostly OK baked goods.

Croissant Ispahan
My husband’s favorite. Ispahan croissant is combination of raspberry, rose and lychee. So I made sure he had one on his birthday. Lucky guy celebrating his birthday in Paris. He enjoyed it but it was too sweet for me.

Pain au Chocolat et Pistache
Very good croissant with plenty of pistachio and chocolate. I just did not care for the icing on top.

Pain au Chocolat Gianduja
A little on the sweet side but the texture was amazing.

It looked better than it tasted. If the sugar was cut a little, it would have been much better.

2000 Feuilles
Since I did not have the Millefeuille from Jacques Genin, when I saw two versions at Pierre Herme, I picked the hazelnut one. Even though we ate it hours later while walking around, It was really enjoyable.

The Centre Pompidou



Georges Braque, L’Estaque, 1906

Pablo Picasso, Petite fille sautant a la corde, 1950

Robert Delaunay, Le poete Philippe Soupault, 1922

Robert Delaunay, Autoportrait, hiver 1905-1906

Francis Picabia, L’Adoration du veau, 1941-1942

Dado, La Grande Ferme-Hommage a Bernard Requichot, 1962-1963

Dado, Le Cycliste, 1955

Jackson Pollock, The Moon-Woman Cuts the Circle, 1943 

Jackson Pollock, The Deep, 1953

Niki de Saint Phalle, La mariee, 1963

Takaseda Matsutani, Work-60, 1960, 2018

Alighiero e Boetti, Tutto, 1987

le coucou café



vitello tonnato, roseval, câpres à queue, pousses de cresson
It was a very good dish. Veal slices with potatoes, watercress, caper and tuna sauce.

koulibiac, fenouil snacke, beurre blanc
Fish with fennel and butter. It was good.

tom kha de grenailles et tomates cerise, concombre, coques
It was a flavorful dish of seafood shells, roasted cherry tomatoes and cucumbers.

coques au beurre blanc
Plenty of fresh shells with butter and shallots.




L’Arcane is a highly regarded one star Michelin restaurant in Paris. I was really looking forward to our lunch and it did not disappoint. Not only the food was pretty good but the service was equally professional.

Smoked Egg Yolk Tart
It was a nice little bite.

Langoustine Flavors of Orient
I love langoustine and was very happy with a very fresh perfectly cooked langoustine .

Cod with Champagne Sauce, Black Radish Oyster Ravioli
Very fresh expertly cooked cod. The black radish oyster ravioli was creative.

Beef Tenderloin with Veggies
Even though I am not a fan of beef tenderloin, I still enjoyed it. I loved the very flavorful veggies even more.

White Beans
Cooked perfectly al dente.

Roasted Figs with Blueberry Sorbet and Almond Milk Ice Cream
I somehow forgot to take a picture of this dish. Thankfully I wrote down notes! It was a good dessert.

Marshmallow, Cranberry Madeleine, Peppercorn Chocolate, Mirabelle Plum
Nice ending to a wonderful lunch. I liked the plum the best.

breizh cafe


We have been to the Breizh cafe original location at Le Marais a couple times before. This time we tried the Montorgueil location. The space looked nice but I am sorry to say that the experience was not the same as the previous years. The texture of the galettes were a little dry.

Ratatouille My husband had this and was not crazy about it. I found it good enough for a quick bite.

Complete au jambon cru de Savoie
I have had this in the past. It also came with the choice of Bordier butter. I picked the truffle butter. It did not have much ham and you felt like you did not get a value.

Jacques Genin



I have been a fan of Jacques Genin for a long time. I even picked my hotel walking distance, so I could indulge. A few days before our trip I found out that he no longer had the cafe section! So, my dreams of the best hot chocolate and mille feuille were shattered. He has replaced that section with an ice cream area made to order. Also a few pastries offered daily. That did not stop me from going there on our first day in Paris after lunch. Finding it on the other hand was challenging even though we had been there a couple of  times before. Blame Google Maps and street name confusions. I asked a few people and the last guy pointed me to the other side of the street! I could not believe my eyes. I walked by it too. As soon as we walked in, I asked if they had the mille feuille? I was told no and another lady mentioned that they had in the morning. I picked up a few caramels. The mango was the favorite.

My husband picked the raspberry. At €6, a bit pricy for one scoop but it was worth it and you got a good amount. The raspberry flavor was so intense and delicious, it was like you just ate a big bowl of the best raspberries. I had to steal a few licks!!

This is what they are famous for and won an award for. It was nutty and complex but the raspberry won me over.

Chocolate Tart
A very intense chocolate tart with a hint of coffee. At €9 a bit pricy but that is the story at Jacques Genin. At least everything you eat is the highest quality.