I first read about Yerba while reading an article from Condé Nast Traveler. As soon as I read the menu, I knew I wanted to eat there. It was a rainy night and we got there early. Thankfully, they invited us in before the opening time. You had a choice of 3 course for 34€, 4 for 37€ and so on. Even though we like to eat light at night, for 4€ more you could have had four courses and that was what I decided on. Service was very friendly and the food we tried was one of the best vegetarian dishes we have had.

Bread and Hummus
It was pretty good. My husband thought it was salty and that comes from the salt loving guy. Even though I watch my sodium intake, I did not agree.

Blue corn tortilla | artichoke | cauliflower | shiso | crispy onions
It is funny to eat tacos in other countries but this was one of the most flavorful tacos we have had. With the listed ingredients, how can it not be?

Confit potato | roasted summer squash | umeboshi | orange soy glaze
My husband’s dish.

Jerusalem artichoke saffron cake | pickled and grilled root to seed carrot | carrot puree
Very earthy and delicious dish.

Wild Boar Coppa
Tasted pretty good.

Hispi cabbage charred | legumes | oregano | peas hummus
Very good dish. The cabbage was perfectly charred and the pea hummus was something different and delicious.

Sweet potato gnocchi | cavolo nero | roasted yellow capsicum | black tahini | aubergine
As soon as I saw eggplant and tahini, I was sold. It was pretty good with lots of flavor.

Pickled cherries / smoked vanilla charcoal ice cream / mahleb meringue
I am glad our waitress helped me to choose this delicious dessert. Smoked vanilla charcoal ice cream? yes please. The pickled cherries were very good and I can’t say I ever had mahleb, an aromatic cherry seed powder before.

date + halva ice cream / orange sponge / candied fennel
Very creative dessert and thankfully not too sweet. When was the last time you had candied fennel?




Rijks is a restaurant of the Rijksmuseum. The food that we tried was good but a little pricey considering the small portions.

Asian Pear
A little refreshing bite.

Black Radish with lemon Salt
It was Ok. It needed something else to make it more interesting.

Bread and Butter
Crusty bread and good butter.

Tomato Salad “Blaarkop” cheese, Avocado, Basil Sorbet
It was a summery, refreshing dish, specially the basil sorbet. It looked great also. Heriloom tomatoes were sitting atop avocado sauce.

Artichoke heart with Aji Amarillo Granité
My husband enjoyed this dish.

You pulled a drawer underneath the table to use whatever cutlery you needed. Interesting idea.

My husband’s choice. It was a little bland. It needed acidity to perk it up.

Celeriac from Rotisserie Bottarga Beurre Blanc, Fish Eggs
Thinly sliced celery root with pretty flowers and crunchy fish eggs.

Patisserie Tout



Finding Patisserie Tout was not that easy thanks to a mailman who sent us the wrong way. The funny thing is that the place was located on a commercial street full of shops around the corner from where we asked him. The goodies we tried were very good and prices were very reasonable. We pay almost double in this country for usually less successful pastries. The only drawback was the fact that they only accepted cash. So, make sure to have some cash on hand.

Mille Feuille
Very good and it is only offered on Saturdays. Crisp phyllo with delicious pastry cream.

Chocolate Mille Feuille
At 3.40 Euro very reasonable. I was going to save this one for later but my sugar addicted husband wanted to eat it right away. It was dense and little sweet for my taste. Or maybe after the other two, we should have saved this one!

Red Sensation
This was priced 3.75 euro and not only it looked gorgeous, but it tasted amazing also. The texture was like a velvet and the top had a lace like garnish. It was a cassis flavor which is my favorite.

De Kas



De Kas was the first restaurant I reserved for our trip to Amsterdam. Later on, I saw it mentioned repeatedly on many dining lists. We got off the tram at the wrong stop and had to jog for more than ten minutes to get there, fifteen minutes late. Well, it was our first full day and we had the jet lag. You had a choice of three or four courses for the lunch menu. It was mostly veggies plus one course of baby shrimps and one course of chicken. Since I don’t eat chicken, they gave me the veggie option for that course. Service was a little stiff to start with, but towards the end, I conversed with our waiter and he warmed up. The space was large, bright and had something to the side that looked like a small olive tree. They grow a lot of their greens in the greenhouse.

Tapioca cracker
Crunchy and tasty.

Zucchini with Curry Cream
Enjoyed the flavorful curry cream.

Baby Turnip
Crunchy topping atop and below the turnips.

Beetroot and Coffee
It was an autumnal dish and yes you could taste the coffee.

Dutch Shrimp and Coconut Bisque pointed cabbage, lemon beans, basil
Our first experience with Dutch shrimp so we did not know what to expect. What we got was very tiny baby shrimps with delicious charred cabbage. Dare I say I enjoyed the cabbage more!

Pulled Chicken and Frankenthaler Grapes Buckwheat, Frisee, tarragon cream, verjuice
My husband had this dish and enjoyed it. Interesting buckwheat crisps.

Eggplant, Parsley and Peanut Sauce, Onion Ring
The veggie version of the chicken dish. It was very flavorful and I guess Asian influence of peanut sauce and eggplant.

Pumpkin Custard Buttermilk ice cream, salted caramel
A tasty dessert but the portion was too small for the 10 Euro supplement. Basically two bites.

Cheese Platter
At 9.50 Euro a better deal than the pumpkin custard. It came with Blauw Klaver, Beemster Kaas and Royal Briard. They were all very good. I asked about the source and was given the name of the cheese shop. I stopped by on our last day and picked up a few aged cheeses.

Petit Gateau



We picked up these two mini tarts at the Foodhallen location of the Petit Gateau.

Dark Chocolate Truffle
My choice and it tasted heavenly. Rich dark chocolate with a delicious truffle on the top. I did not want to share but I did.

Pistachio Raspberry
My husband could never resist this combination and almost always the pistachio is very subtle. The raspberry flavor was dominant and I did not taste the nuttiness of the pistachio.

The Butcher


We started and ended our trip to Amsterdam at The Butcher by chance. First time, after we ate at the Mook pancakes, we stopped at the Foodhallen and I could not resist the beef aroma on the fire. My husband complained that he was not hungry and suggested we share a burger. I had my eye set on “The Daddy” and that was what I ordered. The second time we took the free ferry to the eye museum area and ended at the Butcher’s Social Club location. I enjoyed our first experience better.

The Daddy 230g of prime Aberdeen Angus beef topped with melted Edam cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon, BBQ sauce & grilled onion
The beef was tasty, the bacon was smoky but was more like a ham and the bbq sauce was very good. It was messy to eat and my husband complained about the bun but I enjoyed the daddy.

Who let The Dogs Out 100% beef hotdog with chopped cucumber and tomatoes, mustard & ketchup
My husband picked this at the social club. The hot dog had a harder casing that we are used to in the US. It was good though.

Butcher Fries
Fries was disappointingly on the soft side.

The Babaganoush Prime Aberdeen Angus beef, lettuce, tomato, grilled onion, mashed grilled aubergines blended with sesame paste & spices
My choice at the social club. The babaganoush was nice and smoky but the burger was a little overcooked and did not impress me as much as the daddy.

Mook Pancakes



Ever since I read about Mook Pancakes, an American style pancake house, I was motivated to try it. After we checked in to our hotel, we walked to Mook for our first meal in Amsterdam. They had unique savory pancakes that I have not seen in this country. The food that we tried was pretty good and service was very friendly. Everybody spoke perfect English.

The Big Up feta cheese, blueberries, chili peppers, rainbow cherry tomatoes, little gem lettuce, carrots, artichokes, chives, parsley
It was a refreshing salad and perfect for jet-laggers like us! sweet, salty, and crunchy.

The Vegalicious grilled peppers, avocado, hummus, chili mix, oregano, olive oil
Very unique pancakes. The pancakes were whole grain and were sitting atop sliced pepper. Tasty hummus and luscious avocados were the toppings.