A very large space basically three different rooms. The food was pretty good but service was very slow. Our empty plates were sitting around for more than ten minutes.

Spring Vegetable Medley fava beans, English peas, fiddlehead ferns, asparagus, ramps
This must be the most flavorful veggie dish we have had in a long time. There were Plenty of fresh spring veggies some cooked and some raw with crunchy shallots for textural contrast. Needless to say we savored every bite.

Grilled Merguez chickpea, pickled vegetable jardinière, sunny side egg
My husband’s dish was good but very small for $19. It would have been nice if it came with either two eggs, more chickpeas or both. The pickled veggies needed more acidity.




We have been to many Persian restaurants and I can honestly say this was our least favorite one. My husband’s coworker told him numerous times to try this place. Not only the place looked like a hole in the wall but it had the shortest menu we have ever seen. The weird thing is that a few of their dishes were not even listed on the menu. Our waitress asked us what we wanted for an appetizer? I told her all you have is yogurt dishes and salads (basically the stuff you can easily make yourself). She said, what about Kashk e Bademjan? Now if you offer that dish, why not list it on the menu?

Kashk e Bademjan
It was a good dish but more similar to Baba ghanoush than Kashk e Bademjan. Usually Kashk e Bademjan has kashk (similar to yogurt) and sauté dried mint and onions on the top.

Chelo Kabob Shamshiry
It came with one Kubideh and one Barg and half of one tomato!! I have never been to a Persian restaurant that served half of a tomato. The kubideh was decent but on the salty side. The barg was tasteless and very thin. I had to put some butter on the top to make it more palatable. I can honestly say it was the worst barg I have ever had.

Lapis Bistro



Lapis bistro is an Afghan bistro. Most of the brunch dishes were your typical brunch food with a few Afghan dishes. The music was not ethnic either. The servers were mostly English. Basically, if it was not for a handful of Afghan dishes, this could be a bistro anywhere.

Sambosa Trio
It was supposed to be a philo shell but it was more like a Empanada than a sambosa. There were the spinach, beef and shrimp variety. I think we prefered the spinach over the other two.

Shamee Kebab
I imagined this dish would be something similar to a Persian Kotlet but I was shocked when it was placed in front of us. It looked like **it. I could not believe it, put some effort in presentation. The texture was very crumbly also. Not a good dish.

Mantoo Beef
We actually ordered Aushak but were told it was not ready yet so our waitress recommended this dish. It was steamed dumplings with spilt pea and tomato sauce. It tasted OK but Aushak sounded more interesting.

Fresh Baguette



Since I was in the Chevy Chase area, I looked online searching for a French Bakery. Fresh Baguette had a good rating and as usual the pictures looked better online than in the store.


As you can see in the picture the croissant was very dense and cakey.  I did not taste much butter either.

Pain au Chocolat

The chocolate croissant was very dense also. The chocolate made it more palatable.

Almond Croissant
Since the other two failed to impress, I warmed up the almond croissant. It was more flavorful and better than the other two.

Stable DC



Stable DC is a restaurant offering cuisine from Switzerland. The food was great and every one from the hostess to the waitstaff to Chef David Fritsche were super friendly and provided great service.

Smoked Salmon Horseradish, Chive Crème Fraîche, Lemon, Homemade Bread, Salad
Great smoked salmon atop crusty bread with spice from horseradish and coolness from creme fraiche.

White Asparagus Hollandaise Sauce, Speck, New Potatoes
Finally a white asparagus salad that gives you what they advertise. The hollandaise stole the show. Speck was pretty good.

Berner Rösti Potatoes, Bacon, Onion, Gruyère Cheese, Fried Egg
The reason I picked this restaurant is because I love rosti potatoes. We were in a food bliss eating this delicious dish. With the listed ingredients, how can you go wrong? It smelled heavenly also. Towards the end, I was eating very slowly to savor every bite.