May 2011

This place almost didn’t make it on my list due to the location, but at the last minute I read a good review and I was sold. Every time I travel anywhere with good bread I always bring back some. I have never brought back bread before from Europe, but there is a first time for everything. I got the following:
Pain de Campagne au levain, great bread with great crust. I snacked on this through the plane ride, since the plane food was sooooo bad
Pain aux noix au levain great bread specially with cheese
Pain noisettes curcuma raisins,Pain aux graines comte and Pain noir(my favorite)
we also got the very delicous Religieuse caramel fleur de sel, although I wanted the Saint honoré cassis violette, but since we were walking for a while my husband figured that would not travel well. Finally something I haver never had before and it was so great, Chausson fruits rouges et violette (I still dream about it or is it day dream??!!)

Next time I come to Paris I have to look for a hotel near this place!!! My kind of place.