pegah 356
pegah 357
Broccoli in Textures
Watercress, strawberry and guava
pegah 358
Crispy Pork Belly, Yuzu, Shiso Togarashi, Pickled Cabbage
pegah 360
Octopus Bolognese
Hand cut Tagliatelle, Goose Pancetta, Parmesan
pegah 362
Tempura Duck Egg
Spring Onion, Asparagus Salad, House made Lemon Ricotta
pegah 363
Asparagus ice cream
Balsamic reduction and strawberry Compote crumble

After reading all the positive reviews online, I was hoping I would not be disappointed and sure enough, it was a lovely meal with a warm service. We started with Broccoli in textures with Strawberry and Guava. It was a nice veggie dish and when you travel you need your veggies. We then had Uni with Pork Belly and pickled Cabbage and it was a nice rich dish. Next was Octopus Bologenese and even though I am not a big Octopus fan, I really enjoyed this delicious hearty dish. My favorite was the tempura Duck egg with Spring Onion, Asparagus and Lemon Ricotta. That was a great dish and I could have easily eaten another plate of that. We picked Strawberry compote with Asparagus ice cream for dessert and it was delicious. We never had Asparagus ice cream before and it was great. The chef was very creative and we had a memorable last dinner in my favorite city. I told our friendly waitress that I wish this restaurant was in our neighborhood.