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I took this picture last time we were in Manhattan, before they were opened for business
pegah 383
Almond Croissant at La Colombe
pegah 281
Ham & Cheese Croissant
pegah 282
Orange Brioche
pegah 385pegah 386
Papa Payard
pegah 384
Gâteau Basque

We stopped here twice and had their baked goods at La Colombe once, even though I was not planning to make this many stops considering other bakeries I had on my list. Every time we go to their Las Vegas location we make at least two stops. I still think they have the best Pain Au Chocolat that we have tried in Manhattan. We tried the following:
Pain au Chocolat was great as usual with a flaky and buttery goodness and great dark chocolate.
Almond Croissant was better than many places and a meal by itself.
Orange Brioche was good.
Ham and cheese croissant, we had it in the afternoon and it was better than DA and BC, but not as great as Tartine in SF.
Papa Payard tart, We had this one at the airport and made every one jealous. It was a pretty good tart with apple and pear and a light custard.
Gâteau Basque was even better than Papa with vanilla and rum pastry cream.
Service was always great.