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Sausage Sampler
Vienna Schnitzel Sampler

BierBeisl is the only authentic Austrian restaurant in Los Angeles. They Feature some of Austria’s finest Beers and they even have sausage and beer tasting. I overheard Chef Bernhard Mairinger telling someone that a butcher custom made sausages for the restaurant using his recipes. We had the Sausage sampler and it came with a very tasty sauerkraut, tarragon mustard, spicy brown mustard and the following sausages:
Käsekrainer was swiss cheese infused, light peppery and our waitress’s favorite sausage. It was very flavorful and juicy.
Debreziner was spicy, thin coarse sausage and very tasty.
Bratwurst was a good sausage.
Weisswurst was our least favorite and it was all Veal without much spice and tasted bland to us.
Bier Cabanossi was a fine sausage.
We then had the Vienna Schnitzel Sampler and normally it comes with Veal, Turkey and pork variety. I asked them if we could have two pork instead of turkey and they accommodated us. We preferred the pork to the veal. It was juicier and more flavorful, maybe because it was a thicker cut. The sampler came with a very delicious potato salad, lingon berries and cucumber salad. our server was very informative and took good care of us.