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Herb Butter, Raspberry Jam and Apple Preserve
photo (139)
House Toast
photo (138)
Maine Lobster Benedict
Sautéed Wild Spinach, Poached Eggs,
Lobster Hollandaise, Lobster Butter Toasted Bread, Arugula Salad
photo (137)
Steak and Eggs
Crispy Kennenbeck Potatoes, Pickled California Black Walnut, House Toast

I am always on the hunt to find interesting brunch places. I have known about Girasol Restaurant for a while and finally made it to Studio City to try their brunch. Lucky for us it was worth the drive. The Executive chef is C.J. Jacobson of the Top Chef fame. After reading about his apprenticeship at Restaurant Noma in Denmark I became more interested in trying his restaurant. He describe his food as ‘rustic-refined’ and uses local ingredients. They sure had spend a great deal of money on their décor and it looked very interesting. The service was cold to friendly. Their menu looked shorter than their online menu. We decided on Steak and Eggs and Maine Lobster Benedict. The steak was a strip cut and was cooked perfectly and tasted great. You could tell they used a high quality beef. What was so delicious was their Crispy Kennenbeck Potatoes. It tasted like the potatoes have been fried in Rosemary oil and we could have eaten a dozen of these beauties easily. This dish came with their delicious house bread, Herb butter, Raspberry Jam and Apple Preserve. When was the last time you were served such a spread with your bread? This dish was definitely worth the price tag of $22. Our Maine Lobster Benedict was delicious but the portion was small for the $28 price tag. The tender Maine Lobster was served on the top of a butter toasted bread and Sautéed Wild Spinach. The perfectly Poached Eggs and Lobster Hollandaise completed the dish. we just wish there was more of it. Overall a positive experience and a great brunch.