Beef Tartar with Egg and Horseradish SMØRREBRØD
Sprouted Lentil Croquettes with Tzatziki
Smoked Potatoes with Black Garlic
Potato Flatbread with Garlic, Dill and Eggs
Oat porridge Bread

I have been wanting to try Bar Tartine for brunch for a while. Years ago I canceled my reservation because they were going through a transition and I wanted to give them some time. So finally we made it there. We were not that hungry because we had breakfast at Tartine earlier and picked a couple of small dishes to try. My bother had the Beef Tartar with Egg and Horseradish SMØRREBRØD and he liked it. It looked pretty good and I tried a tiny bite of the bread and I liked it too. He also ordered the very heavy Potato Flatbread with Garlic, Dill and Eggs. I took one small bite and it is perfect if you love heavy carb food, but not for me. He managed to eat 2/3 of it!! Of course he regretted his choice. This happens when he doesn’t take my advice. My husband and I shared the Sprouted Lentil Croquettes with Tzatziki. It was pretty tasty. The Lentil Croquettes were fried perfectly and went very well with the crisp bread and the cool Taztziki. Our other dish was the very delicious Smoked potatoes with black garlic. I could have eaten ten of this delicious potatoes. The Black Garlic sauce was amazing. A great dish and apparently a very popular one. My brother picked their Oat porridge Bread and he loved it.