Everything looked amazing.
hot chocolate
European Drinking Chocolate
This drinking Chocolate was so rich and delicious, even better than some of the ones we tried in Paris. The tasty little cookie was a nice touch and very French.
Candy bar a collaboration between Nuubia SF and Dandelion Chocolate
This amazing bar consisted of Crispy hazelnut praline and sea salt caramel with caramelized rice crispy, enrobed with 62% dark chocolate. It was so delicious and had I known how much we would love it, I would have purchased more.
Papua New Guinea 70%
This was a limited edition bar. It tasted like honey with the smoky flavor from Papua New Guinea’s technique of fire drying to give it a bold barbecue tang.
Ambanja Madagascar 70%
Even though this was less expensive than the Papua New Guinea, we preferred this one. The beans comes from the Akesson farm in Madagascar. The first thing you taste is the honey then a big fruity punch with notes of citrus and berries. Unfortunately I only have a little piece of this wonderful bar left.

I love this place. As soon as we walked in I was intoxicated with the heavenly chocolate aroma and told my family that I want to move in here and just park my bed next to all the wonderful chocolates. As we sat down at the communal table a lady overheard me and said you will get sick of it in two days!! She was crazy, I will never get tired of the amazing aroma. I told one of the staff that I wished they had a location in the LA area and he said they hope to expand and you never know. Why is it that all my favorites, Tartine Bakery, Bi-Rite Creamery and now Dandelion Chocolate are all near each other? You have to spend hours walking around the Ghetto Gourmet to pace yourself from over indulging!!