photo (226)
Grilled Eggplant with Tomato sauce and Garlic
photo (225)
Rice crust with Ghormehsabz and Gheimeh
photo (224)
Soltani Kabob
Filet Mignon and Ground Beef, skewered and charbroiled

We have known about Raffi’s Place for a long time but never had any reason to go to Glendale. At a dinner party recently a lady mentioned that they liked this place so we ventured to the area to try this place. My husband really liked the Eggplant dish. It was a tasty dish, but was served cold. I think it would have been better if it was served at room temperature. Our second dish was Tadig. It was Ok for the price. Their stews didn’t have the depth of flavor you taste in good stews. Soltani Kabob was a mix bag. Their Koobideh Kabob was the best we have had in any restaurant in CA, but the Barg was overcooked and didn’t have any seasoning. Their kabobs were served on a bed of Basmati Rice and came with perfectly grilled Tomato and Anaheim Pepper. The service was OK and not friendly. It was worth a try, but too far for the quality of food they offer.