We have been coming to Marché Moderne as long as they have been around. Usually they are very busy on Saturdays, but the last time we dined there, it was not as full as usual. We even saw a solo diner that took a seat and reviewed the menu and after a few minutes disappeared!! I think their prices are a little too high for lunch and that might be one of the contributing factors. You don’t usually see Chef Marneau at lunch time either. Service was helpful and I always enjoy their crusty multigrain bread.

Panzanella “Composée Número 4”
Cucumber / Celery / Heirloom Tomato / Mozzarella / Tomato Vinaigrette / Shaved Smoked Salami / Crouton / Arugula & a few Savory Herbs
I forgot to take a picture. We shared this salad and they were nice enough to split it for us. The Cucumber and Celery were nice and crunchy, but the Heirloom Tomatoes were not as flavorful as I had hoped. The shaved Salami gave it a nice porky flavor, but the very flavorful Tomato Vinaigrette made this salad special.

Clams Marinière
Muscadet / Crème Fraiche / Parsley & Garlic / Fries
This was a flavorful dish, but a lot of work. Clams were cooked just right and Crème Fraiche gave the dish richness. Garlic gave it flavor and Parsley freshness.

I loved this perfectly fried fires. I usually don’t eat fries, because I am carb sensitive but I shared it with my husband and we managed to finish the whole thing. Of course later on I regretted it!!
Crayfish, Shrimp & Asparagus Risotto
Sweet Corn / Crème de Saffron & Vermouth
My husband loved this dish. I took a bite and it was a great dish. Asparagus Risotto was creamy. The Crayfish and Shrimps were cooked perfectly. Vermouth gave it a nice flavor, but the highlight was the very delicious Crème de Saffron. That made the dish very special. We love Saffron and I use it all the time, so every time We see it on the menu we usually try it.