Strawberry & Bellwether Farms Ricotta Crepes
Fresh Market Strawberry Coulis, Mint
This crepes were very light and tasty, but they were more like a dessert. We really enjoyed the luscious strawberries.
Herb Butter, Jam and Fruit Butter
Great as last time and a treat.
House Toast
I felt the house toast was not as brown and crusty as last time. I like my bread dark and crusty.
Steak and Eggs
Crispy Kennenbeck Potatoes, Arugula
The steak stole the show this time. Very high quality with a strong beefy goodness and very tender. The potatoes were good, but it was not as crunchy and herby as last time. Arugula helped to cut the richness and added a nice freshness to the dish.