We had a lovely dinner here. Their shared plate section looked more interesting and we ordered entirely from that section. Service was friendly and informative and Chef CJ Jacobson presented one of our dishes. I talked to him briefly and told him that we need a restaurant like his in OC. He said he was open to that idea. Let’s hope that happens sooner than later.

House Baked Bread
Lovage Butter
My husband wanted to try their amazingly crusty bread and we really enjoyed it. The butter was lovely also.
Market Pears & Burrata
Crispy Lentils, Shiso, Basil, Forrest Floor Vinaigrette
The luscious burrata went well with the sweet pears, but what stole the show was the addicting crispy lentils. We have Never had crispy lentils before and that is what makes Chef Jacobson unique. He is creative and that really shows in his dishes.
GG Lean Ranch Persimmon with Pomegranate and Grilled Metal Wild Seeds
Loved the sweet persimmon and the tangy pomegranates. The wild seeds added another earthy element to this lovely dish. The mayer lemon zest brightened the dish. I could eat this dish everyday. As a matter of fact I used the pomegranate and persimmon combination on my pancake before.
Octopus Salad
Long Roasted Eggplant, Little Gem, Rosemary Ash Oil, Sweet & Sour Chili, Toasted Lovage
This octopus was the most tender octopus we have ever had. It also came with sweet roasted peppers, crunchy frisée and earthy eggplant. A very good dish and a must order for octopus lovers.
Grilled House Ground Meatballs
Lemon Thyme, Sun Gold Tomato Sauce
This was my husband pick and it was very flavorful. The sun gold tomato sauce was off the chart delicious.
Celery Root with Yogurt and Chermoula
This was recommended by our waitress and even Chef Jacobson mentioned that he loved that dish. We agreed after we took our first bite. The chermoula heightened the flavor of the celery root and the creamy tangy yogurt was the perfect partner.
Chocolate Brownie Cake
Salted Caramel Gelato, Sablé Cookie, Chocolate Pudding
This was a great dessert for chocolate lovers. I specially enjoyed the salted caramel gelato. I appreciated the fact that the brownie was not too sweet but unfortunately the chocolate pudding was on the sweet side. Even my sugar loving husband had a hard time finishing this dish.