Redbird is Neal & Amy Fraser’s new restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles. They serve new American cuisine. From what we sampled we felt that they were trying to be safe and appeal to the theater goers in the area. We went the night after Valentine’s Day thinking it would be less crowded, but we were wrong. At 5:45 pm it was almost packed and very loud. We were seated backed to the service area and that made for a very unpleasant and stressful dining. The space between the tables were just a few inches apart and the constant loud noise coming from the flatware drawer behind us was very unprofessional. Even the servers were not polished enough when they took away our dishes and flatware. At one point I almost went deaf. I guess your experience varies according to where you are seated.

Cocktail Amuse
A nice start to our dinner.

It included pale looking gougeres and focaccia. It would have been nice to have some crusty whole grain. The house-made butter on the other hand was pretty good. When I asked one of the servers what kind of butter they used, he responded, regular butter!! I then asked our waitress and she mentioned that they make their own.
Potato Crusted Smoked Pork Shank
Romesco, Charred Broccolini
This were pretty good pork-y balls of goodness. The broccolini added freshness to the dish.

Santa Barbara Sea Urchin
North Sea Shrimp, Nori, Wasabi Snow
This was a nice light briny dish. I have never seen such a tiny shrimps. The uni was sweet and the heat from wasabi added a nice contrast.
John Dory
Fregola, Mussels, Morcilla, flavors of Bouillabaisse
In this dish you got flvaors of the sea and earth. The fish was cooked properly and went well with the earthy blood sausage and the briny mussels. The only problem was, it needed some acidity to brighten the dish and also we chewed on some grit.
Day Boat Scallops
White Carrot Puree, Sunchokes, Brussels Sprouts, Preserved Lemon
The scallops were cooked perfectly but the plate did not look appealing at all. It almost looked unfinished. It needed something else to make it a more substantial dish.
Harry’s Strawberries, Chocolate and Pepper Ice Cream
Thank goodness we finished our meal with the strongest course of the night. As soon as I saw Harry’s strawberry on the dessert menu, I was sold. Our waitress warned us about the spicy ice cream and the fact that the pastry chef liked to do unusual parings!! Thank you pastry chef for finally giving us a great dish. I really wanted a second one, but I decided the second pepper ice cream will be a little much for night time.