I have heard of Bigmista’s BBQ for a while now and decided to drive to Long Beach and give it a try. We got there a little after noon and there was already a long line formed in front of the shop. It must have taken us about forty minutes to get our food. As soon as we got into the car we tried the pastrami and rushed home to eat the rest. From what we tried, brisket was my favorite. If we go back, I make sure we get there around the opening time, so we don’t have to stay in the line that long.

Rib Tips
This were not very good and on the fatty side. I prefer the one’s from Smoky Fred.
This was more like a corned beef than a pastrami. It was very smoky, but very salty.
Pulled Pork
The pulled pork had a nice smoky flavor, but the sauce was too sweet for our liking.
This was pretty good and I was watching him slicing it for other people. What we got looked more well done than what he was slicing. The drive back home might have been the contributing factor.