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Salmon Gravlax From Skuna Bay
Home cured with Dill & Coriander, Petit Waffle Sandwich of Devon Cream, cucumber
This was our favorite dish. Very nice and refreshing on a summer day in March! I like the fact that the salmon was not overly salty and enjoyed it with the cucumber ribbon. The Devon cream waffle sandwich was a nice touch and provided a little crunch. Dill was essential to make this dish a great one.
Roasted Spanish Octopus
chorizo Emulsion, Celery, Potatoes, Shaved Chorizo, Jus de Citron, Huile d’olive
This was a nice dish for the most part. Some of the octopus pieces were chewy and this dish didn’t sing to us like last time. The spicy chorizo and the earthy potatoes balanced the dish. Celery provided crunch.
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The croque-Madame was a big disappointment. It was basically a semi melted grilled cheese with a very thin slice of ham. Mushrooms were the ordinary crimini and the salad greens were past their prime. All this goodness for $17!! Really?