We have not been to the Wheat and Sons for few months. I called to find out what they were serving that day. When I heard steak sandwich, that was music to my ears. I was planing to buy some of their amazing pork chops, but unfortunately they are phasing out their meat program. I guess people are more interested in buying prepared food than buying high quality meat and poultry.

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NY Strip Sandwich Yuzu koshu Mayo, Cucumber, Pickled Red Onion, Arugula
This was a great big sandwich. Nate, the chef sliced plenty of beautiful steak and sandwiched it between perfectly toasted ciabatta bread. I usually don’t eat white bread, but this hit the spot. The youzu koshu provided plenty of heat and pickled onion and cucumber great crunch. My silly husband felt that the sandwich had too much meat and not enough salt!! Really? I though the seasoning was perfect and even a little salty for me. At the end we left full and I was happy.