Oh, El Bulli, the restaurant in many people’s bucket list, mine included closed it’s door in 2011. Three of the core chefs, Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch and Mateu Casanas opened up this restaurant at the end of 2014. Some of the dishes they serve is inspired by their time at El Bulli. I was very excited to try this restaurant and the night before had a hard time falling a sleep due to jet lag, but I told myself, no matter how long you sleep, you will enjoy your meal at Disfrutar. Years ago due to anxiety and insomnia, I had to cancel our dinner at Alinea!! Six years later, I still kick myself for that foolish decision.
Anyways, That morning we had to run to Sagrada Família and on the way we each had an apple. So needless to say we were starving and I am glad, because there were plenty of amazing food waiting for us.
The decor was very modern and clean with plants accenting the space. When you first walk in you pass by the bar area and the open kitchen and finally get to the dining area. There is also a patio area.
There are two menus; ‘Disfrutar’ for 68 Euro and ‘Festival’ for 98 Euro. I am glad we went with the shorter version, because towards the end we were very full. You have to have a very big appetite to go for the Festival.
Service was professional, but at times we had a hard time understanding some of the staff’s English. What was odd was that a couple of times we heard the crash of glasses or dishes breaking, which was a shame considering the level of food they served.
At the end, this experience was very unique and we had lots of innovative, fun dishes for a bargain price of 68 Euro. You have to pay at least double the price in US, so I encourage anyone traveling to Barcelona to make your reservation as soon as possible. You won’t regret it.

Passion Fruit and Rum Frappe with Roasted Coffee
This was beyond delicious and creative. A great start for a wonderful lunch.
The Beet that goes out of land
This were like beet meringues.
Tomato”polvorón” and Arbequina Caviaroli
Not only this dish was visually beautiful, but was very delicious. They were like nutty shortbreads dusted with an intense tomato powder and topped with olive oil pearls.
Transparent Pesto Ravioli
Another beautiful display. We were instructed to dip the ravioli containing, pine nuts, basil and parmesan for a few seconds into a parmesan dipping sauce. As you placed it in your mouth the ravioli dissolved and created an intense pesto flavor.
“Disfruta de la aceituna”
A signature dish at el Bulli. We were instructed to eat the green one first. It had a nice grassy taste. The darker one had a very intense flavor.
A great crusty bread.
Smoked Idiazabal Cheese Biscuit with Apple
This cheese tasted really unique and combined with apple was a pleasure to eat. Seconds please!! Look at the beautiful serving dish.

Our Cava, Atroca, a very refreshing choice and a bargain at only 20 Euro. Funny thing is due to language barriers, we thought that we were getting half a bottle and ended up with a full one. I hardly ever drink, but this was very easy to drink. I am glad the meal lasted around three hours!!
Crispy Egg Yolk with Mushroom Gelatin
You ate the perfectly crispy egg yolk first and then moved on to the mushroom gelatin inside the shell. Egg and mushroom, how can you go wrong with that?
Seafood and Avocado Merenque Sandwich
This was a lovely light combination of seafood and avocado; Another classic combo.
Salad of Parmesan “Tacos”, Tomato and Basil
How cute are these delicious tomato and fragrant basil tacos? You also had the flavorful parmesan and olive oil pearls.
Marinated Oily Fish with Cauliflower Tabbouleh and Mushrooms
This dish had umami from mushrooms, earthiness and crunch from cauliflower tabbouleh and a great acidity from the marinated oily fish.
Our Macaroni Carbonara
This macaroni was made out of gelatine. How clever is that? A very good dish.
Razor Clams in Fennel Meunière
These were amazing. The fennel provided a welcome anise flavor. I wanted more of this.
Red Mullet with Pork Jowls and Aubergine Gnocchi
By this point we were full and very happy to see the portion size. Aubergine gnocchi, Really? The level of creativity was amazing.
Iberian Pork Tenderloin “Pibil”
We were so full, but how can you say no to Iberian Pork? We wish we had more appetite, but we forced ourselves to savor every bite of this beautiful and delicious dish.
The Tangerine
God knows we needed this after all that food. Very refreshing.
Chocolate Peppers, Oil and Salt
This cute peppers were made out of chocolate and thankfully a manageable portion.
Coffee Profiterole
This was a great end to a great meal.

I am very sad looking back at the pictures. My brother often asks me where are my favorite restaurants? This is definitely one of them. An experience that I will always cherish. People of Barcelona are very lucky.