Spanish bread maker Xevi Ramon, the man behind Triticum provides bread for the some of the most acclaimed restaurants in Spain. He started making breads for restaurants and hotels. He came up with The Bread Away Collection in 2012, giving customers a chance to try his artisanal breads in Barcelona. Their bread goes through two days of fermentation. They then bake it in special ovens on a stone surface, resulting in a great crust. They even sell their breads in France, Germany, Japan, Italy. Let’s hope they make it to US.
We took a cab on a hot day to Triticum by Moritz before our dinner at Tickets. I Have to thank gastrocar once again for sharing his valuable information with me. As soon as we walked in, I was in a bread heaven. Everything looked so appealing and it was hard to make a decision. What was so great was some of their breads came in a small size, which was perfect for us. I just wish we had a bread shop like this in our area.

Pain au Chocolat
It was a pretty good one and only €1.20!!! God we overpay in US big time.
pa de Segol
Slightly bitter with crunchy exterior included buckwheat flour and rye. A lovely dense bread and my kind of bread. This bread came in a large size and the lovely girl behind the counter informed me that I can have a fourth of the bread. That was music to my ears!
Motlle Cereals
This was a dense, hearty bread with oats and perfect for breakfast.
Motlle energetic 
Nut, Apricot and Fig Bread
This was a great fruit and nut bread with a great crust.