I anticipated our dinner at tickets in a big way. You have to reserve 60 days in advance and I even checked earlier to see how fast the reservations were being filled. Needless to say I was excited and knew that they would offer to pick dishes for you, but I wanted to pick my own. We got there a few minutes early and saw the staff meeting inside. Finally, a little after 6:30 pm the doors opened and we were seated. The decor was fun and unique. After All, this was a tapas bar not a fine dining establishment. The waiters were not that friendly, but the servers were all friendly. Their menu is divided into snacks, finger food, Tapas and sweets and more. It was fun to see some of the dishes being prepared tableside. We saw chef Albert Adrià and thanked our lucky stars.

Look how funny the menu cover is.
Arbol de Tickets Spring Tree with its Pistachio Acorn
This was very whimsical. We were instructed to use the scissors to cut the strawberry from the miniature tree. I believe the balls were made out of peas. This was clearly a showpiece.
Profiteroles Con Cre Blackcurrant Meringue with Raifort Cream
This was very delicate and had a nice blackcurrant flavor.
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Olivas Gordal Adobad Tickets’ Olive~S
We had two sets of olives. The lighter one and a darker one. They were both great and very similar to the ones we had at Disfrutar.
Cornete de Atun Tuna in Nori Seaweed Cone
This dish was as fun to watch being prepared as eating it. Very clean flavors and high quality tuna.
Esparragos Vinagreta White Asparagus in Miso Pickled Sauce
The white asparagus were amazing, but the miso pickled sauce stole the show. You just wanted to lick the bowl. I think my husband almost did that!!
Salmon Soasado Wild Salmon Roasted with Piparra Jus
The salmon was prepared medium rare and even though I am not a salmon person unless it is cured or smoked, I enjoyed this dish especially the spicy sauce.
Chapata Cochinillo Crunchy Suckling with Mini Ciabatta
This was great. Crisp mini Ciabatta and luscious suckling pig. How can you go wrong with that? It had a lot of substance too.
Mar y Montana Baby Squids and Iberian Sausage In Surf Sand Turf
The best dish of the night and one of my favorite dishes of all time. Delicious and juicy Iberian sausage, expertly prepared squid and white beans. Oh My!! I could eat this everyday.
Spaghetti Setas King Oyster Mushroom in wok vegetable spaghetti
This was all about umami. A great comforting dish. Basically mushroom spaghetti. It might look simple, but it was not.

Ensalada fresas Strawberries Salad, with Modena Vinegar, Pepper, Olive Oil with Basil and Lime Ice Cream
This must be one of the best desserts we have had in a long time. Very refreshing and packed full of flavor. The preparation was entertaining to watch but it was no match for the final product. The most delicious strawberries, great tasting olive oil, black pepper and aged modena vinegar. Up to this point, I have prepared the same thing myself in the past. What made it over the top, was the very delicious lime basil ice cream. We will always remember this dish.
Milhojas Vertical Vertical Mille-feuille with Chocolate base, Noisette Butter Cream and Wild Strawberries
After the Mille-feuille from Jacques Genin in Paris, this must be our second favorite. Hazelnuts and wild strawberries? Yes please!!