This was our last lunch in Barcelona and we almost didn’t make it thanks to the confusing streets surrounding the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar in the Born area. Even the locals had a hard time telling us where this street was located. Thankfully, at the last minute we found the restaurant. We walked in and told the waiter what had happened. He told us that the same thing has happened to people before and we were the only diners for lunch that day. Basically the staff of at least four people were there just to cook for us. Imagine if we did not find the place.
The restaurant was small and romantic. Our waiter was beyond friendly and very knowledgeable about food. You had a choice of two tasting menus. The food was a modern version of classic catalan dishes and was beautifully presented. They were the only restaurant that sent us a thank you email. A great customer service.


Amuse Bouche

This was our first taste of fresh sardine in Spain and it was pretty good. Not fishy at all.

Foie Gras
A nice little foie bite topped with Iberian ham.
This was nice and refreshing.
Ajo Blanco
I really enjoyed the modern version of the classic garlic soup. Very flavorful and beautifully presented. The sweet garlic went very well with the salty Iberian bacon and the nutty almonds.
Xatonada Modern Version of the traditional Catalan Salad
The cod was cooked perfectly and  went very well with the romesco sauce. The orange sauce really brightened the dish. Lovely presentation.
Egg Cooked at low temperature with Sweetbreads and Pumpkin
This was a nice comfort dish. The sweetbreads were nice and crisp and went very well with the sweet pumpkin and the egg.
Smoked Eel from Delta del Ebro in a Rice
This was our first taste of eel and it didn’t disappoint. Our waiter informed us that the eel goes through a long cooking process to make it tender. I am not a rice person, but this must have been one of the best rice dishes I have ever had. I had to stop myself from filling up on this amazing rice.
Milk Fed Lamb Shoulder with Creamy Potato and Topinambour
I was full already, so I might have not appreciated this dish as much as I could have. The lamb was crisp and a little fatty and since I am not a big lamb lover, I preferred the very fresh and flavorful veggies.  The creamy potato was lovely too.
Ratafia, Pistachios, Hazelnuts
This was a feast for the eyes and mouth! Dark chocolate, Hazelnuts , Pistachios and ratafia. Need I say more?!
Petit Fours
We were beyond full, but had to stuff ourselves to death!!

Ratafia is a liquor that combines herbs, fruits and spices and used as digestive. Our amazing waiter treated us to this.