We stopped here twice. The first time to check it out, the second time because it was very close to our hotel. What surprised us was how quiet the cafe was each time we visited it. I guess they are not as popular as the nearby Mamá Framboise. There was only one lady serving the two time we went there and she spoke not a word of English. Their quality was good, but what we sampled was nothing spectacular. Prices were fair.

Caramelizada De Cacao
This chocolate puff pastry was good enough for the first day.
Jasmine tea
It was what I needed to relax a bit. I have had better jasmine tea before.
Lime mousse, Lemon, Mandarin with Toffee and Chocolate Streusel
This was a nice citrusy cake, nothing more.
Raspberry and Chocolate Ganache, Raspberry Mousse, creamy chocolate and raspberry
We liked this one better. How can you go wrong with chocolate and raspberry and thankfully it was not too sweet.