Mamá Framboise was very close to our hotel and it seemed to be very popular. I have heard the Spanish like their confectionery sweet and this place definitely reflected that. Thankfully they spoke enough English to put you at ease. Prices were fair, but not worth it to us.

Cafe Manchado
My husband enjoyed his latte.
Chocolate Pequeño
This was my first taste of Spanish hot chocolate and it disappointed big time. Way too sugary. I took two sips and gave the rest to my husband. Even though he tolerates sugar more than me, he had a hard time finishing it up.
Croissant De Frambuesa
Is this raspberry croissant or a sugar croissant?! As though you didn’t have enough sugar on the top, there was a sugary raspberry jam inside so you would be in a sugar coma all day.
Croissant De Chocolate
This was not a typical pain au chocolat. It had a sweet chocolate custard inside. A big disappointment.
Palmera De Chocolate
Surprisingly this was the only item that was pretty good. A nice dark chocolate atop palmier.