Al Trapo reminded me so much of one of my favorite restaurants in LA, Ink. The decor was very modern and clean. The cuisine was contemporary and imaginative. Our waiter spoke perfect English, but looked like he had a late night the night before. Prices were reasonable for the quality.


Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Mint, Cilantro and Yogurt was definitely my kind of starter and to serve it over a paper was very original.

Spanish Tortilla Souffle Bites with green bell peppers and anchovies
This were a little tasty bites and modern version of the traditional Spanish tortilla.
Sautéed Artichokes with crunchy breadcrumbs, thin sliced Iberian bacon and parsley mayonnaise
Artichoke and crunchy breadcrumbs were the perfect marriage for the umami bacon and cool mayo.
Squid Noodles, tender baby broad beans, potato, egg yolk and onion
This dish was a perfect spring dish. You had to mix the yolk with the tender squid noodles and fava beans and that resulted in such a comfort dish. Loved the serving dish.
Cream of stew Lentils with cinnamon, cheese gnocchis and foie gelée
This was such a creative dish. Creamy lentils had a great flavor from the cinnamon. The pillowy cheese gnocchis were a great addition and the foie gelée put this dish over the top.
Great crusty bread was very delicious.
I want this light fixture.
Sautéed Morels with creamy bechamel meat sauce
This dish was visually spectacular. Morel mushroom, one of my favorite mushrooms, were amazing and combined with the meat sauce, you were in the umami heaven.
Green Tea Mousse with ice cream, pistachios and tart
This was a very refreshing dessert and was perfect for a hot day. It was all about green tea. Pistachios added crunch and nuttiness.