It was a hot day in Madrid and after our stop at Oriol Balaguer we wondered in the area. We were near Sorolla Museum in a very quiet street. We were tempted to go in for a quick pick, but decided it might take a while to find a cab to take us to Lakasa. We waited a while and got lucky as the cab took us to the area near the restaurant. I noticed in Spain, the cabbies sometimes drop you off in the area that is close to your destination.
We were the only non Spanish diners. There was one very nice staff member that spoke English and took care of us. I guess they don’t get that many tourists, because at the end he came over and thanked us for dining there. How refreshing is that? One big advantage about this restaurant was the fact that you could order many of their dishes in half portion. That way you can try a few things. Even the half portions were generous.

Coca de trigueros y setas con jugo de leche
Green asparagus and mushroom tart with sheep’s milk juice
We started with this very delicious and spring-y dish. The grassy asparagus was the perfect partner for the earthy delicious morel mushrooms. The egg added richness to this wonderful dish. When was the last time you were served morel mushrooms in a restaurant that didn’t cost an arm and a leg? Spanish are lucky.
Garbanzos con carabinero Chickpea Stew with Red Shrimp
As soon as I saw my beloved red shrimp listed on this dish, I was sold. I love chickpeas and this was such a comfort dish. The shrimp was cooked beautifully.
Bacalao con crema de ajonegro con verduritas a la vainilla
Cod confit with black garlic sauce and vegetables scented with vanilla
This was an interesting dish. The cod was cooked medium rare and the vanilla and black garlic added sweetness to this dish. The veggies provided a little textural contrast to the dish.
Presa de cerdo ibérico puro de bellota con verduras encurtidas y Comté
Grilled Iberian pork, pickled veggies and Comté cheese
The best was saved for last. The only problem with that was we were kind of full, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying this wonderful dish. The Iberian pork and Comté was umami marriage made in heaven.
Fruta con yogurt
After all that food we needed something light and healthy. The juicy, sweet fruit and the tart yogurt was a perfect ending.