We stopped at this wonderful chocolate shop/cafe twice and had no idea how close it was to our hotel. They opened at 10 am and that is standard for most chocolate shops but a little late for most tourists who are looking for breakfast before starting their day. In our first stop, we had our first proper breakfast in Madrid. The second time we picked up a box of chocolate, a chocolate tart and breakfast for the following day before heading out to the airport. Service was friendly, they spoke good English and they were helpful with making our chocolate selection.

Look at this beautiful cappuccino. My husband was in heaven.
Chocolate Azteca Thick Hot Chocolate (80% cocoa and spices)
Thankfully I finally had an amazing dark hot chocolate. So rich and comforting, every sip was joyful. Mamá Framboise should take a note.
Cruasan Mixto
Ham and Cheese Croissant
We love our ham and cheese croissant and this one did not disappoint. The croissant itself was not as perfect as the one from Oriol Balaguer, but it was a close second. The cold version the next day was as good as the fresh warm one.
Tarta de Chocolate
Chocolate Tart
This was our last treat the night before we left and it had a deep chocolate taste. I could use one right about now!!
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Their chocolate came in Fruit, Truffles, Innovations, Single Bean Origins, Dried Fruit and Nuts, Spices, Flowers and Herbs and Liqueur collections.
I really enjoyed the Wasabi, Peanuts and specially the Balsamic Vinegar. We also enjoyed Cassis, Coffee and Raspberry. From the single bean origins we liked the Venezuela.