Monday is not a good day for sightseeing in Madrid because many of the sites are closed. One of the few places that was supposed to be open was the Royal Palace of Madrid. On a very unusually hot day we came to visit the palace and guess what? They were closed that day to the public. We were not the only disappointed people, there were a lot of people sitting around in the heat and didn’t know what to do. The problem was, both the nearby Almudena Cathedral and San Antonio de la Florida were closed also. The next day we returned to visit the palace and since it was our last day in Madrid, we were hoping for the best. As we stood in line, we started talking with people in front of us. They told us the same thing happened to them two days prior. So the palace was closed to visitors two days in a row. The moral of the story is if you are visiting the palace, you are at the mercy of their special visits and such.
The gardens of the palace were beautiful and there were a lot of great sculptures to look at. Once inside, you could only take pictures of the exterior. That meant you could not take any pictures of the magnificent art, sculptures, tapestry, jewelry and artifacts. Every room was unique and very grand. There was a Stradivarius violin collection and a porcelain room. Also the Royal Armory was interesting.