DSTAgE was the first restaurant reservation I made for our trip to Spain and it was our last meal in Madrid. It makes me sad thinking about it. I wish I could go back in time and experience it all over again. I guess we left the best for last. I love the fact that many restaurants in Spain served the same menu at lunch time as they did dinner time. I know in NYC some restaurants offer that but in LA it is all about dinner.
DSTAgE means “Days to Smell Taste Amaze Grow & Enjoy”. Chef Diego Guerrero left the two Michelin star restaurant, El Club Allard in 2013 to open up this restaurant last summer. In less than one year they earned their first Michelin star. The restaurant looked industrial with exposed brick and hardwood floor. I guess he wanted the emphasis to be on the food. Upon entering the restaurant a staff member checks your name on the list and invites you to seat at the bar area. You can have a drink and they serve you the first course . You are then taken to the open kitchen area where one of the chefs prepares your next course. After that, you are seated in the dining room. They have two tasting menus: DTASTE, with 10 creations, for 88 Euros, and DSTAgE, with 13 creations, for 118 Euros. We went for the shorter one and it was plenty of food. This must have been the most interactive restaurant experience we have ever had. A couple of the dishes with many steps were prepared in front of you. The servers/cooks were friendly and spoke English but at times we smiled when our waitress introduced every dish with, “I made this and that”. As I made an eye contact with Chef Diego Guerrero, he came over and I thanked him for the wonderful experience we had. He seemed very friendly and humble.
Sea Urchin & Citric Dashi
As soon as I saw this dish, I knew we were in for a treat. I love uni and this was not only visually stunning, but tasted great also. The only problem was you wanted more of it, much more.
King Prawn Ceviche
This was like having a personal chef preparing an amazing dish for you. Every time I wanted to snap a picture, he added more ingredients to the dish. He first mixed the king prawn on the top of a himalayan salt slab. He then placed it on a strip of banana leaf and added all kind of garnishes. You were instructed to hold it like a cigar and drop it in your mouth like an oyster.
This was a full body cava.
I don’t remember what this dish was and it is not listed on their menu, but I know it was very delicate and tasty. It looked beautiful too.
Huitlacoche Mochi
Interesting fusion of Latin and Asian.
Quinoa Bread
When our waitress mentioned quinoa bread, I was like What? Of Course I wanted to try it. I have never had quinoa bread before and found it nutty and dense. Now I have to find a recipe and make my own. How creative of them to come up with that.
Tuna, Toffee & “Foiesabi”
This was a surf and turf dish. Tuna and foie gras plus toffee for sweetness and crunch. A nice dish.
Octopus roasted with “Tomatillo”
We love octopus and enjoyed this dish.
Tolosa Bean Ravioli with Cabbage Broth
This dish was amazing. Who knew beans could taste so heavenly. The cabbage broth almost tasted like dashi.
From Winter to Spring
As you can see there was a big production for this dish and was very interactive. Torching and mixing all kind of exotic ingredients from around the globe. It tasted sensational.
Red Mullet braised with Saffron Sauce and Crispy Scales
A nice light dish.
“The Butcher’s Cut”
This must have been the first beef dish we had in Spain because we all know how much Spanish love their pork. Not only the presentation was original and imaginative, the beef tasted out of this world.
Maji Leaf
After that heavenly beef this was a nice refreshing treat.
Popcorn with Strawberries and Sweet Egg Yolk
I liked the strawberries more than the popcorn and loved the presentation.
Purple Garlic

A meringue filled with black garlic cream was a nice ending to a wonderful lunch.

Now, I have to go and wipe off my tears!!