I first got introduced to Chef Sara Kramer and Sarah Hymanson recipes last year through the Tasting Table. I made their falafel and the Cauliflower Salad with Spring Onions and Mint. I read that they were planning on opening a place in the LA area and was interested to see what they will come up with. They decided to start with a falafel shop in the Grand Central Market and when I read about their unique drinks, I knew we had to try it. Madcapra was the first place we tried after returning from Spain. We saw the two chefs in the kitchen and considering they had only been open a couple of weeks, things were running smoothly.



Iced Cardamom Coffee and Sumac-Beet Soda
This two drinks were the highlights of our meal. The cardamom coffee tasted like a light shake to me. Even though I am not a big fan of beets, I really loved the tart taste of the beet sumac soda.
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Green Falafel Salad Cauliflower, Fennel, Labneh & Cilantro
I really enjoyed this spring-y salad. Marinated cauliflowers, fennel and other greens were my kind of salad. The falafel itself was good and I could taste the coriander, but it needed cumin to perk it up. I specially loved the labneh and could eat a bowl full of that.
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Red Falafel Sandwich
Tomato, Cabbage, Pickles, Tahini & Basil
My husband chose this one and he was not a happy camper. he felt the falafel needed more seasoning and found the tahini on the bitter side. He didn’t care for the pita either. He should have gone for the salad.