I am always on the hunt for a great French bakeries and when I heard about the newly opened Pitchoun in Downtown, I naturally had to check it out. Their parking situation was a little confusing. We first parked at the lot across from the cafe, thinking they will validate it. Once inside we were informed that they validate for the side lot. Service was fine but I felt like as soon as you walked in, they wanted you to place your order. They should chill a little bit. We found their coffee beyond bitter and not drinkable. The setup of the place was very cute, but their morning pastries left a lot to be desired. We have to check back and sample more of their offerings.

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Croissant, Pain au Chocolat and Schneck Pistachio
The croissant was better than the other two but it lacked the flakiness and crispness that we prefer. The pain au chocolat was not good at all and the schneck didn’t taste like pistachio at all. A total let down.
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I love a good millefeuille, but this was the average one you can find at most bakeries. It was not crispy, flaky or airy and the pastry cream was nothing special.
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Chocolate Mousse Cake (Sacher)
Finally, we had something to smile about. It was pretty good with a nice chocolate flavor and thankfully not too sweet.