Chef Jimmy Martinez is the man behind Pour Vida Latin Flavor. On their website it says “They bring handcrafted tacos without fine dining prices”. Really? I didn’t know tacos had fine dining prices!! They have a wide variety of tacos from the land, the sea and the garden. They have a few salads and fresh pressed juices. The space is small, but it has a cute patio. Service was fine and if you live in the area, it is worth a stop but not worth the long drive.

Lobster Taco Maine Lobster, Roasted Chipotle Corn Relish
At $12 this was the most expensive taco and you didn’t get enough lobster to justify the price.
Short Rib Taco Vanilla Bean Braised Short Rib, Pickled Napa Cabbage, Queso Fresco
This was a flavorful short rib, but at $8 it was light on the meat.
Tabasco Seaweed with Steak Cucumber, Tomato, Avocado, Shaved Brussels Sprouts, Tabasco Seaweed
This salad sounded interesting and to make it more hearty we added steak for an additional $5. The salad was refreshing except they forgot the avocados. I asked one of the servers and he told me he didn’t think the salad came with avocados. I told him to go and check the menu and sure enough he came back with a small cup of avocados. The dressing was on the sweet side and it could have used some acidity to perk it up. The steak was marinated in pineapple juice and was on the sweet side.