We have been to Belcampo Meat Co. downtown’s location a couple of times and since we go to the Saturday’s Santa Monica Farmers Market often, we decided to check out their brunch in their new location. The decor was a mix of industrial and tropical. Service was friendly, but our waitress acted like she had one too many cups of coffee. One of my biggest pet peeves is rushing the diners to order a couple minutes after they have been seated. Another one is rushing to clear your plates before you are done. I felt the food was overpriced for what it was and we were charged $2-$3 more than their online menu. That is surprising considering that we went a little more than a month after they had opened up.

Butcher’s Breakfast Two sunny up Belcampo eggs, Bacon & Breakfast
Sausage, with Home Fries & Texas Toast
This dish at $19 was priced high for what it was. The sausage and bacon were good, but the home fries lacked any seasoning and looked like the kind you can get at any diner.
Grilled Beef Brisket With Soft-Boiled Egg, Sweet Potato Hash, Watercress &
Au Jus
The brisket was flavorful and tender, but I really didn’t like the sweet potato hash. The hash was a combo of sweet potatoes, caramelized onions and peppers. Had I known about the caramelized onions, I would have asked them not to add it to the dish. It also needed some seasoning or acidity to counterbalance all the sweetness. Thankfully, the watercress helped a little bit to balance the dish.