This was our second time dining at the Outpost Kitchen. Service was fine and one of our dishes was missing a couple of the ingredients. They serve their food on a tin plate and as you are eating, the plates keeps spinning!! I also noticed they used one ply napkin to wrap their silverware. I know it is hard to run a new business, but considering the price to portion ratio, you expect more.

Flat White
It was good, but on a cooler temperature and on the smaller size.
Tropical Shrimp Salad Salt & Pepper Seared Shrimp, Asian Greens, Mango, Sweet Chili Dressing, Cashew Nuts
This salad was on the sweet side due to sweet chili dressing. Thankfully the shrimps were cooked perfectly, but they replaced the mango with papaya. Later on when I read the menu on my phone, I realized they forgot to include the cashews. Now, this salad has so few ingredients so when you skip one, the salad is not the same as the chef envisioned.
Paleo Smoked Salami Coppa, Fennel, Green Kale, Cauliflower, Lemon, Roast Peewee Potatoes
This was a very tasty dish, I just wish there was more of the very flavorful salami. The potatoes were perfectly roasted and the kale and fennel salad had a nice lemony dressing.