My family was visiting for the Fourth of July weekend and since my parents and nieces have never been there, we stopped for lunch. Thankfully they now have some seating at the patio area. Of Course your luck and the time of the day you dine there determines your odds of finding a seat. This was especially challenging for our party of eight. At one point I thought we had to eat at the marble bar and my father was not happy about that at all. I guess our lucky stars aligned and we sat outside. The sun didn’t do us any favors when it came to taking pictures. So blame the sun!! Service was friendly and everybody was happy with their choices.

Sparkling Limeade with Cucumber
My cousin’s favorite. He always finds this beverage refreshing.
Café con leche
My nieces enjoyed this, although I think they are too young to form a coffee habit.
Everybody minus my pescatarian nieces enjoyed the pictured lamb roll.
Eggplant Salad Red Onion. Pine Nuts, Cilantro
I just took a small bite and to me it had a Moroccan influence with raisins studding the salad.
sausage and rapini flatbread
It was good and we also had the veggie version.
Cucumber Salad Avocado, Pistachio, Green Goddess
It was a refreshing salad.
Peach Salad Radicchio, Goat Cheese
I thoroughly enjoyed the ripe sweet peaches and the bitter radicchio, meanwhile goat cheese provided some tanginess. My kind of salad.
Brisket Plate
My husband loved the smokiness of the brisket.
The brisket plate came with arugula salad and two small pieces of bread or was it one small piece!! Come on, be more generous with your bread. It is not like you are importing it from Paris.
Potato Salad Chicories, Red Onion, Pickled Mustard Seed
Great potato salad. I was eying it last time we were there for breakfast. I specially enjoyed the pickled mustard seeds.
Fig Hazelnut Cake
It was pretty good and had a nice nutty flavor and sweetness from the fig.

We also had their pistachio tea cake and it was not as nutty as last time. My family enjoyed their baklava croissant, pain au chocolat and peach pie.