We have not been to Taco Maria since January and decided to stop by for lunch. Chef Carlos Salgado was in and greeted us. I guess he remembers his old time customers no matter when he saw them last. Service was friendly and Chef Carlos made sure everything looked perfect before it landed in front of us. We always have to order their very lemony gem caesar salad and it did not disappoint. It was a joy to eat it.

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Quesadilla de Huitlacoche Corn Tortilla, Huitlacoche, Epazote Cream, Meyer Lemon
We noticed some of the quesadillas were prepared using the blue corn tortilla and some the yellow ones. The funny thing is I wished for a blue one and we got a yellow one. For people who do not know about huitlacoche, It is a fungus that grows on ears of corn. The texture and flavor is very similar to mushrooms. It was a very tasty and flavorful dish.
steak taco
Arrachera Tacos
Hanger Steak, Roasted Chiles, Applewood Bacon, Queso Fundido
I noticed their steak tacos had a little less meat, but a bigger piece of bacon and they raised their price to $17. Still a great taco.