It has been more than two years since we have dined at Ink. After returning from Spain and having had so many memorable meals it was hard to find a creative restaurant for my birthday. I finally decided on Ink. What made it even more special was my brother came from out of town to celebrate with us and finally try Ink after years of talking about it.
The lighting is always horrible so the pictures are less than ideal. I felt the food was pretty good but the service definitely didn’t match the food. When they called to confirm our reservation I asked for a table facing the kitchen. When we arrived, they tried to seat us in a less than ideal spot and I asked for a table next to our assigned one. They made a big deal but they obliged. The pacing of the food was too fast and since we were sharing, the food arrived three at a time. What made it worse was that after a few courses I had to ask them for clean plates. Every dish is special in its own way and who wants to mix up all the sauces. I was very surprised at the lack of care and attention. So as much as we enjoyed the food, the service left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Peas, Hummus, Yogurt, Black Olive Crouton
This was not only visually beautiful, but was very refreshing also. It was a new take on traditional hummus by using peas. The black olive crouton was grounded and was like a bed of soil atop snap peas. The pea tendrils were a nice touch and the yogurt was like a blanket of snow. A very creative dish.
Egg Yolk Gnocchi, Mushroom Brown Butter, Hen of the Woods
This dish was very rich and comforting. We have had a different version in the past. My egg loving husband really enjoyed this dish.
Japanese Scallop, Soy-Cured Papaya, Fermented Chili, Basil
A light, flavorful summery dish perfect for a hot day in July. I specially liked the papaya and we all enjoyed the sweet scallops.
Dungeness Crab, Green Melon, Fish Sauce Mayo, Fennel Pollen
This dish reminded me of a dish from the Red Medicine restaurant. Thin layers of melon covered the sweet crab.
Sea Bass, Lardo, Cherry-Yuzu, Kinome Leaf
The cherry yuzu was the selling point for me. The sea bass was very fresh and the cherry yuzu added a little tartness and sweetness to this dish. The kinome leaf provided a little heat.
beef cheek
Wagyu Beef Cheek, Eggplant, Golden Raisin, Shawarma spice
This was the only big plate that appealed to me and it was really delicious. The shawarma spice was outstanding and turned the beef cheek to something very special. The eggplant added smokiness.
tounge and rye
Pastrami and Rye, Beef Tongue, Garganelli Pasta, Sauerkraut
I am not a big fan of tongue, but I was converted after trying this wonderful dish. The rye pasta was great and we all enjoyed this take on a pastrami sandwich.
ink octopus
Octopus, Ink Shells, Young Fennel, Pimenton
The octopus was tender and went well with the squid ink shells. Fennel added some licorice flavor.
ink chocolate
Chocolate, Raw Milk, Hibiscus, Wild Rice Meringue
This was a great dessert. I was very happy with the dark chocolate and the raw milk ice cream balanced it out. When was the last time you had wild rice meringue? It was our first time and we really enjoyed it.
Peanut Butter, Coconut, Whipped Strawberry, Basil

As much as we loved the chocolate dessert this one was even more unique. You had a bowl made out of peanut butter with spongy peanut butter cake and refreshing whipped strawberry. My brother was in heaven eating the coconut sorbet and the Thai basil added an aromatic note to this wonderful dessert.