It is ironic that after one hour of searching online to find out where to go for lunch, I picked this place. I guess I got tired of looking at all the boring menus and high prices. Service was friendly. The decor was more interesting than the food. Almost everything was very carb heavy and the only two salads they offered was just a green salad without any protein.

Veggie crepe
Spinach/Tomato/Red Onion/Mushrooms/Mozzarella/Pesto
This dish was supposed to come with a side of fruit and as it was placed in front of me, I almost gasped. Why would anyone serve apple in the heart of summer. Even diners do better than that. To make matter worse the apples were tasteless. The crepe itself was fine, but nothing to sing about.
Enchiladas Rojas Trio
Cochinita Pibil/Red Sauce/Lettuce/Guacamole/Sour Cream/Pico de Gallo/Cotija
My husband’s enchiladas was much better thanks to the cochinita pibil. He was not happy with the white rice though.

Needless to say we will not come back.