We don’t venture out to Hollywood that often, even though with the new Grom Gelato, I have a reason to. The drive from the Santa Monica’s Farmer’s market to birch was a long one and my husband was cranky about it. As we parked he said that he didn’t like the area; I guess he was hungry!! The space was bright and airy, but some of the dinners were odd. There was this one guy staring at us the whole time. Service was friendly.
Birch Gammon Steak Pineapple, Eggs, Country Potatoes
As our waitress brought out my food, she said, I hope you are hungry. I realized why as she placed the food in front of me. There were two huge grilled ham slices with pineapple slices, two eggs and a side of potatoes. The ham had a great smokiness and went well with the sweet pineapple. The biggest problem was with the flat dish they served it on. The juice from the ham, eggs and pineapples were running and uncomfortably getting too close to the edge of the plate and my lap. For a while I tried to eat my food and ignored the juice running. Finally I reached in to my purse and got a very thick napkin and tried to blot the juice. Now who in the right mind would serve such a juicy food on a flat plate?
Salmon Kebabs Brussel Sprout Salad, Yogurt Vinaigrette, Grilled Flatbread
My husband enjoyed his dish specially the slaw with the yogurt vinaigrette.  The grilled flatbread was nice touch.