I gave my husband a choice between Gjusta or BierBeisl Imbiss for a quick lunch and no surprise, he picked Gjusta. For the most part I find their food even though pricy, pretty good considering the high quality ingredients.
My problem is when you look at their salads and other items in the case, there is no price or even a name or an ingredient list. This is so careless considering people with all the food allergies. So we had to ask the very unfriendly staff member what each salad contained.
Another problem is with their bathroom. When was the last time you saw powder soap? To make matters worse you had to keep pressing the dispenser to get an adequate amount of soap. With their high prices they surely could afford a high quality soap for their employees and customers.

Cucumber and Avocado Salad
Pretty good refreshing light summer salad.
This was a much more flavorful salad. Good selection of bitter greens and tasty salami, cheese and chickpeas.
Smoked Brisket Butcher Baguette, Natural Jus
The smoked brisket even though a little salty for my taste, was smokey and flavorful. I think it needed a little green to balance the salty baguette, brisket and jus.

Of course you can’t leave Gjusta without picking up Baklava Croissant and the new Espresso Chocolate Financier. The latter is my new favorite.