It has been a few years since we have been to Farmshop and could not believe that after all these years, it is still going so strong. We didn’t have a reservation because we were planning to go to brunch at Aestus in Santa Monica, but I guess they stopped their brunch service. So we had to wait at least 35 minutes if not more to be seated. The space was very rustic, prices were high and some of the dishes like my husband’s choice were very small. service was a mix. They were eager to clear our plates, but it took forever for us to request our check.

date egg
Shirred Egg Bloomsdale Spinach, Lamb Merguez, Medjool Dates & Chermoula
I picked this dish for my husband and when they placed it in front of him we were surprised how small it was. When you list lamb merguez as one of the ingredients, you think that you could actually chew on some, but no, there were little crumbs of the sausage and way too many dates. Definitely not a balanced dish. Thank goodness the dish came with bread. I had to give some of my food to him so he would feel like he had an actual brunch dish, not an appetizer.
pastrami egg
House Made Pastrami & Poached Eggs Padron Peppers, Blistered Tomatoes, Brentwood Sweet Corn & Pickled Shallots
I had a version of this dish years ago. Not only it was visually appealing, it tasted pretty good also. Farmer’s market veggies and flavorful pastrami were perfect partners.
Herb & Toma Cheese Danish
This was a little spicy and very cheesy.
almond strawberry
Almond Strawberry Croissant
My husband picked this one and seemed to enjoy it. It reminded him of the same combo from the Bouchon bakery.