I originally picked Maurice for our first lunch in Portland. After reading some unfavorable reviews online I became unsure of my decision. Since our hotel was across from the food truck area we checked out the various trucks to see what they offered. Non looked enticing and I am glad we tried Maurice. It was a very small space and they sure used every inch of the space. The service was very friendly but the compliments from us might have had something to do with it.

tuna melon
Tuna, Melon, Pea Shoot, Shiso, Finger Lime
I really enjoyed this dish. The tuna tasted very fresh and went very well with the sweet fragrant melon. What made this dish very special was the finger lime. So delicious. Shiso and pea shoots added further refinement to this dish.
Mussels with Brassica, Garlic and Thyme
My brother ordered this dish and took a while for him to receive it, but I guess the plump mussels were worth the wait.
pear danish
Pear Tarte Tatin
My husband ordered this treat and it was very good.
Black Pepper Cheesecake
My brother ordered two of these special treats. I knew going in this was their speciality. Very pretty to look at and a treat to eat. The sorbet was very good also.
Korova Chocolate Cookie, Nana’s Butter Cookie, Roasted Nut & Sultana Truffle

I mentioned that we were in town celebrating my mom’s birthday so either because of that or maybe they just liked us and treated us to all theses goodies. The chocolate cookie was very dark and delicious and the butter cookies had a nice salty background. The roasted nut truffles were very good also.

My father and husband each ordered the Quiche & Simple Greens. It was a good quiche but it was mostly fluffy eggs with a little goat cheese and potatoes.
I wish we had a cute little place like this offering high quality food.