Last time we checked out Portland Farmers Market was about five years ago. It was in spring and we were not that impressed. Fast Forward to this trip in the fall and the difference was like day and night. There were so many beautiful variety of organic produce. The prepared food was not that great and was very carb heavy.

Amazing variety of beautiful flowers.
Loved this Pâté. Very dark intense chocolate flavor with plenty of rosemary to keep you sharp. A little pricey though and the ingredients were very simple. I wish I could get my hands on the recipe.
sour cherry
A very good product. Sour cherry is my favorite childhood treat and lately there have been a lot of buzz about all the benefits such as pain management.
organic hazelnut
Pretty good hazelnut flavor but softer in texture than the organic ones.
The organic hazelnuts were smaller than the non organic ones and we felt they were a little more crunchy.

We also tried fresh crab from the seafood guy and although a little pricy, it was pretty good.