I picked Mucca simply because it was walking distance to our hotel and had a favorable review online. I knew it was not going to be anything amazing but even though I was not sure, I didn’t cancel. The lighting in the restaurant was very dark so my pictures reflect that.
Since we had a late lunch that day we all picked pasta dishes and with the exception of my choice, they were all OK. Service was cold and pushy.

Tortelli ai Funghi Mushroom and Ricotta filled Tortelli, Asparagus, Almonds, White Wine Cream Sauce
We all liked my choice the best. It was very rich and had a nice earthy taste.
Tortellini with Kale, lamb, prosciutto and Ricotta
My husbands choice and my second favorite dish after mine. It had a nice meaty filling but a little salty. The sauce was pretty good.
Pappardelle al Cinghiale Egg Pappardelle Pasta, Slow Braised Wild Boar Ragù
My brother picked this one and was not crazy about it. I took a bite and understood why? It didn’t have a depth of flavor you usually associate with a wild boar ragu.
Squid Ink Tagliatelle with Cherry Tomatoes and Shrimp
I encouraged my mom to pick this dish so we cover all the pasta dishes. She seemed to enjoy it.
Gnocchi al Ragù di Cervo e Funghi di Stagione Potato Gnocchi Pasta with Ragù of Venison, Plums and Seasonal Mushrooms
I picked this dish for my father since he enjoys venison and he seemed to be fine with it.
Cioccolatino Port infused flourless Belgium chocolate cake
It was a pretty good chocolate cake and a nice way of ending our dinner.