We were looking forward to this dinner very much since I had read a great review from a reliable source on Chowhound. First off if you are driving from downtown, the GPS will send you to the wrong location. At least that was the case with us. We were supposed to meet a relative of my father for dinner, but there was no sign of her. We waited for a while and placed our order. At the end of our meal our waiter told us the dinner was paid for by the no show relative. I joked, had we known that, we would have ordered more!! Kind acts like that are rare nowadays.
Service was friendly and informative. What we chose was great, flavorful and very high quality.
Yes I wish we had a place like that in our area.

My carb loving mom asked for the second round of these delicious rolls.
Noodles Alla Johnny Spicy Crab, Grilled Prawn, Tomato
My mom’s pick and she enjoyed it. It was packed full of flavor and the prawn was cooked just right.
Escarole Caesar, Wagyu, Mackerel
My brother ordered this and he liked it enough, but did not love it. I found it unique and flavorful. Basically a surf and turf Caesar salad.
Scallop, Cucumber, Jalapeño, Perilla, Pistachio, Spicy Mayo
I asked where the scallops were from and our server said Atlantic, possibly Newfoundland. It was cooked beautifully on one side so it would be a perfect medium rare and tasted sweet. The combination of the perilla a minty herb, cucumbers and crunchy pistachios gave this dish texture and lots of flavor.
King Salmon Special
My husband and father both ordered this and really enjoyed it. The salmon was cooked perfect. They sure know how to cook seafood.
Grilled Octopus, Yogurt, spicy tomato, Greens
Three of us got this amazing dish. The octopus was grilled flawlessly and the yogurt and spicy tomato were the perfect compliments to this dish. Mint added a pleasant herbal note, almost Middle Eastern. I could eat this dish every day.
Poached Pear, Brown-Butter Almond Cake, Yuzu-Mascarpone Ice Cream
My brother ordered this and everybody took a small bite. Not my kind of dessert. The almond cake was good though and the ice cream was refreshing.