The first night in Portland we drove by their SE Division location and could not believe the long line. Then again it was a Friday night. When we returned on Sunday the line was much shorter and the service we got from a very friendly guy was outstanding. He was so enthusiastic about his job and you could tell he was happy to be there, unlike the guy from Fifty Licks. He gave us a lot of samples and because we loved so many flavor he suggested we get the tasting which consisted of four half scoops.

The Ice Cream Tasting
A great concept and I like that each flavor came in their separate bowl so you taste then individually and each flavor can shine on their own.
Freckled Woodblock Chocolate
A very interesting flavor. They combine chocolate from Woodblock with Jacobsen sea salt and then use a freckling technique so the chocolate would stay in an untempered state.
Arbequina Olive Oil
Loved this peppery floral olive oil ice cream. A must order flavor.
Strawberry Honey Balsamic with Black Pepper
Another lovely flavor with sweetness from strawberries and honey balsamic and a nice kick from the black pepper.
Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons
It was pretty good but not as amazing as the one from Bi- Rite from San Francisco.