This was our last day in Portland and we finished strong by having our last breakfast at Seastar Bakery. I read about this bakery in one of the best bakery lists and I am glad it did not disappoint. The main reason I picked it was their use of more hearty style breads using unique flours for their breakfast offerings. Service was friendly and I even picked up some goodies for home so when we come back from Portland, we would not be too sad. The lady that took our order even threw in a bonus cookie and that was a very nice gesture.

Black Sesame Chocolate Cookie
We ate this one on the plane and it was pretty good and not too sweet with a nice nuttiness from the black sesame.
Millet Raisin Cookie
This cookie was the free one we got. At home I took a bite not realizing it contained raisin and saved the rest for my raisin loving husband. I love the fact that they used millet though.
Cocoa and Yogurt Muffin
Pretty good light muffin with a good chocolate flavor.
Laura K’s Sweet Rosemary Cornbread
This was a very substantial treat and had a nice rosemary flavor. The texture was perfect and moist.
Apple, Fennel and Cheddar on a Seeded Rye Bread
I did not have any of this beautiful toast, but it sure looks good.
Rajas with Cornbread
My family enjoyed this dish. It had fried egg, tomatillo salsa and cilantro.
Coppa, Oven-Fried Egg, Bread & Butter Pickle, Parm on Polenta-Semolina Bread
My husband’s pick and he seemed to enjoy it.
Marinated Roasted Zucchini, Fresh Herbs, Toasted Seeds, Labneh on Focaccia
Marinated Roasted Zucchini, Fresh Herbs, Toasted Seeds, Labneh on Red Fife Wheat Bread with Sunny Side Egg
I really enjoyed the crusty bread and everything else was secondary to that beauty.