When I first heard about Bollywood Theater and how much everyone enjoyed their take on Indian street food, I was intrigued. Upon closer look at their menu, I realized it was very carb heavy and was not sure I wanted to dedicate our last lunch to this place. Since my brother had a light breakfast at Seastar Bakery he was already hungry around 11 a.m. While strolling on NE Alberta Street, I spotted Bollywood Theater and pointed it out to him. He said he wanted to get a snack from them. My husband, his partner in crime, agreed and since it was drizzling outside, I obliged and decided to have an early lunch. It is not often I have breakfast and lunch within two hours of each other. We placed our order and hoped for the best. The experience was OK at best and the value was definitely not there. Oh well, you can’t win all the time.

Bhel Puri Potatoes, Vegetables, Onion, Cilantro, Peanuts, Spices and Puffed Rice with Green and Tamarind Chutneys
It sounded better on a paper than it actually tasted. I packed most of it and ate some of it on the plane.
Dahi Papri Chaat Housemade Crackers topped with Chickpeas, Potatoes, Yogurt, Cilantro and Tamarind Chutney
This snack was much better than the previous one. It was kind of like an Indian nachos. It had lots of flavor.
Pork Vindaloo Pork braised with Red Chiles, Garlic and Vinegar with Buttered Rolls
A Portuguese influenced dish from Goa was the description on the menu. It was a hearty dish and perfect for a rainy day. The pork was tender and the buttered rolls rounded out the dish.
Lamb Samosas Two Savory Pastries filled with Lamb, Spiced Potatoes, Mint, Onions, Ginger and Peas served with Tomato Raisin Chutney and Green Chutney
My brother ordered this carb bomb and really liked it. Not my kind of dish.
Goan Style Shrimp Shrimp with Curry Leaves, Chile, Coconut Milk and Lime served with Saffron Rice
A very disappointing dish because the shrimp was overcooked and it was pricey for what it was. My husband liked the saffron rice though.
Dal and Coconut Curry Coconut Milk and simmered Lentil Curry with Seasonal Vegetables with Saffron Rice
My father’s choice and it did not impress because non of us remember anything about it.