The location is near the Venice Beach and not so easy to find. We walked by not noticing it. It is basically a small market and eatery. We sat at the marble counter top. Service was fine, some were more friendly than others.

Since my husband was hungry we started with this and it was OK and nothing special.
We loved the coffee and no surprise it was from Heart in Portland. Funny because we had returned from Portland a couple days before. Very smooth coffee and not too acidic, just the way I like it.
Roasted Kale and Fresh Polenta, Two Sunny Eggs, Avocado, harissa Vin
My husband’s choice and he really liked it. I took a bite and it was flavorful mostly because of the harissa, one of my favorite spices.
French Omelette and Whole Fried Soft Shell Crab, Piquillo Peppers, Frisee, Avocado
I love soft shell crab and every time I see it on the menu, I order it. I ordered this dish even though I am not a big omelette fan. As I took my first bite I realized how dry it was. The tiny crab did not help either. At $18 you expect better, so I told one of the servers and he said they will make a fresh one for me.
As you can see not only the omelette was nice and soft, they gave me a larger and better looking crab. The difference was like day and night.
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