My brother and his girlfriend were in town for a wedding and we were already at SOCO in Costa Mesa and needed to find a place to have dinner at. After extensive conversation since we were all tired we simply picked Shuck because I remember they had a good crab cake last time we dined there. As we put our name down for a table, I noticed a different looking crab cake at a table nearby. My gut feeling told me to run, but we decided to have dinner there anyway. Let’s just say I am not returning to Shuck any time soon.
oysters costa mesa
Oysters Glacier Point, AK and Coromandel, New Zealand
My oyster loving brother order these and seemed to enjoy it.
grilled cheese
Grilled Cheese Cheese, Butter
This was our waitress’s favorite item on the menu at the seafood restaurant!! It was a good grilled cheese with plenty of tasty melted cheese and much better than my crab cake!
crab cake bad
Crab Cakes Dungeness, Crispy, Creme
Both my brother’s girlfriend and myself ordered this dish. As soon as it was placed in front of us, I knew it will disappoint. The crab cake we had here previously was like day and night compared to this one. It was a single crab cake with mostly lump crab meat and a little coating. The new version was a lot of coating with inferior mushy crab meat. I had to force myself to finish it up. At $20 it was totally overpriced considering Fishing With Dynamite in Manhattan Beach only charges $16 for an amazing crab cake.
seafood soup
Seafood Stew Mahi, Clam, Mussel
The best dish of the night was ordered by my husband. It was a good deal at $14 and was enough food so you felt satisfied.