We had some amazing meals in Spain recently but Los Angeles is lacking when it comes to great Spanish food. Somke.Oil.Salt recently started their brunch program and after doing some research and seeing some pictures, I decided to give them a chance. Most of their offering on their brunch menu is a variation of some kind of topping on a toast. I usually avoid carb heavy brunch items, but we went all out and ate more carbs than we should have. Service was fine and they were offering a pitcher of sangria to Black Board Eats members. It was very smart marketing because it only costed them a couple of dollars and brought them some business that otherwise they would not get.
The sangria was refreshing but it was low on alcohol.
Bravas Crispy Potatoes, Chorizo Salsa, Aioli
Even though the crunchy potatoes hit the spot, at $10 the portion was too small. It is not like potatoes cost too much. This dish should have been priced around $8.
uni egg toast
Pan Tomate con Huevo de Mar Soft­scrambled Uni Eggs, Tomato Toast, Chili Oil
This was my favorite dish and at $14 it was worth it. The egg was fluffy and the uni added some umami to the dish.
egg toast
Costini con Morcilla Blood Sausage, Sunny­side Egg, Picon Bechamel, Tomato
This was a good dish mostly because of the classic tomato and garrlic rubbed on the bread but the blood sausage was nothing special.
mushroom toast
Crostini con Angos  Mushrooms Four Ways, Sherry­Braised Cipolini Onion, Garufa Puree
This dish was fine but it was our least favorite and was on the sweet side.