We have tasted Chef Bernhard Mairinger’s food before at his previous restaurant in Beverly Hills. I knew that after closing that restaurant he was working on a new concept. He came up with a more casual and accessible concept a few months ago. Basically a place to get a bite to eat without a fuss. It has a bakery and surprisingly our favorite was their dark yummy European breads. Service was friendly and helpful.

aussie bakery
aust chef
Pork Schnitzel
It was on a dry side mostly because the pork was pounded too thin and the batter was too thick. Not worth the price.
cauliflower aust
Cauliflower Salad
It was pretty good and was a favorite of our waitress.
potato salad
Potato Salad
It was a good potato salad and thankfully not too sweet.
Surprisingly the Sauerkraut was not sour at all and was nothing like the version we had at his previous restaurant.
2 sausage
Kaesekrainer and Debreziner

We had these two sausages at his previous restaurant and they were pretty good. One was cheesy and the other one had a nice spice to it.
sausage austerian
This sausage was our favorite. It had a nice curry flavor and if there was one sausage we would go back for is this one.
Poppy Seed Marzipan
The poppy seed marzipan had a good almond flavor but it tasted kind of hard, like it has been sitting in the refrigerator case for a while.
Linzer Cookie
It was a fine cookie but my mom made a better version years ago. Her’s had a hazelnut flour.
Chocolate cake with apricot jam and dark chocolate glaze and whipped cream
It was pretty good with a nice chocolate flavor and a little tartness from the apricot.
Fiber Bread
Pretty dense bread so when you eat it you feel like it is good for you. My kind of bread.
Organic BierBeisl Bread
100 percent organic rye flour with pork lard, caraway and coriander was very good also.